Halo Short Movies directed by Neill Blomkamp

Microsoft and Bungie Studios, in the lead up to the release of Halo 3, have worked with RSA Films director Neill Blomkamp and Weta Studios (costumes) and Origami Digital LLC (visual effects) to release a series of short live action films. The videos give an indication of what could be achieved should a major studio, Weta, Microsoft and Bungie get their money and script together to get the Blomkamp-directed movie back into production.

Screenshot from Halo Combat

Arms Race

Arms Race was released at the E3 Media and Business Summit on July 10, 2007, showing various special effects and vehicles and other elements of the Halo Universe. Click on the image below to play the video.


Combat, a short film in two parts showing the Brutes fighting against the UNSC, was released on 1up.com on August 27, 2007. Click on the image below to play the Combat video.

Combat Part Two

The second half of Combat was released on September 24, 2007, only twelve hours before the release of Halo 3. The video was launched on the Discovery.com site for the unrelated television drama Last One Standing. A squad of ODSTs secures the drop zone for Master Chief, at horrendous cost. Despite being pinned to a wall by a, Bravo manages to use a tracker laser to guide Master Chief as he flies to the earth in a drop pod. For more information on the video see the Halo Wiki.

Last One Standing shot from Vanuatu

Last One Standing is the story of six athletes – three American and three British – immersed in the most remote tribes in the world, where they live alongside and train with indigenous tribes people as they prepare to represent their host tribe in raw and intense competition. From death-defying Zulu stick fighting in South Africa to an arduous foot race in the Mexican mountains — wearing only handmade sandals — these men push their physical and mental limits to see who will be the last warrior standing.


Filming was shot by director Neill Blomkamp via RSA Films with director of photography Trent Opaloch.

Origami Digital was responsible for all CG and compositing work, creating digital soldiers and integrating them into fully digital environments. Weta Workshop created soldier costumes, as well as a fully functioning four wheel drive Warthog, with a working gun, digital displays, airbags and the ability for the Warthog to crab crawl as well as four wheel steer.