Road Safety had to rush speed and die in 2003

The Road and Traffic Authority, New South Wales Government in Australia, launched a magazine print campaign in 2004 aimed at young drivers. A series of five advertisements were developed each depicting a personal note in a variety of situations – on a fridge, on a desk, a text message on a mobile phone, an email message and a note on a table. Each note focused on a ‘rush’ situation that could lead to speeding. The addition of a person’s name and the date of their birth and death clearly showed the connection between the behaviour and the consequences. The tag line says ‘Last year over 200 people were killed in speeding crashes on NSW roads. Slow down’.

RTA mobile phone note

Running late. Leaving now. Z X (Zara Baxter 1985 – 2003)

RTA email note

To Jason Mendes From Luke Ramirez: Couldn’t wait around. Rushing to Glen’s 21st.

RTA table note

Mum. Sorry to miss dinner. Had to bolt to training. (Dan Teague 1984 – 2003)

RTA postit note

Dad Had to Run. Thx for the car. Ange (Angela Mancini 1984 – 2003)

RTA fridge note

Gotta dash. Late for Uni. Call you later. XXXX (Lee Donowitz 1982 – 2003)

The Notes Road Safety Campaign

The Notes Road Safety advertising campaign was a cinema and magazine campaign specifically targeting drivers aged 17-25 years. Between 1999 and 2003 392 people aged 17-25 years were killed on NSW roads. Of these 79 per cent were males. The Notes campaign was designed to increase awareness of speeding as a significant killer of young drivers, make young drivers stop and think about their risk taking behaviour, and encourage young drivers to modify their speeding habits and slow down.

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