Guinness and the Game of Pool

Guinness advertising must highlight the two distinctive features of the drink: worth waiting for, black with white. Both elements are present in this campaign of yarns spun around the game of pool.

Pool Inspired by Guinness

Guinness Pool Table Pockets

The game of pool was invented by some blokes in a pub. However it was a little primitive. Some additions were made but it still wasn’t much of a game. Then someone had the bright idea of adding a hole or two. Pockets soon followed. And the lads celebrated the only way they knew how. By potting the black.

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Guinness Pool Cue

“The game of pool originated in the village Pon in Northern Europe in the olden days. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing at first. A novel solution was sorely needed. Who would have thought the local chimney sweep would extend a helping hand? By winter’s end it was clear the game of pool no longer had its limitations. Especially when it came to sinking the black.”

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Guinness Pool Table Felt

The game of pool originated in a pub. However many found the table a little slow. Luckily Jim Reilly the village gardener came up with a nifty plan. But even that had a few teething problems. Eventually the game measured up and developed into a rather serious pastime. But still nowhere near as serious as sinking the black.

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The Guinness Pool campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi, Malaysia, by executive creative director Adrian Miller, agency producer Shirren Lim, and regional account manager Michelle Goh.

Filming was directed by Greg Gray via Velocity, Cape Town, with producer Helena Woodfine, director of photography Paul Gilpin.

Editor was Ricky Boyd at Deliverance Post Production, Cape Town.

Music was accessed by B&S Studios.