Greyhound Racing Giddy Up Answer to Horse Flu

Greyhound Racing NSW is responding to the Australian horse flu epidemic with a print advertising campaign designed to raise the profile of the greyhound industry. “Most people think that the dogs would be beneficiaries of the horse flu epidemic, but the truth is, we’ve been hit just as hard”, said Tony Richens of Greyhound Racing NSW. “We’re putting on extra meetings to help fill the gap. The advertising will let people know where and how to find it”, said Richens. “The horses may be off, but the Greyhounds are racing. So don’t miss out on all of the action and excitement that race goers and punters are looking for. Visit for a complete list of meetings, and go you good thing!”

Giddy Up Greyhounds


The Greyhound Racing campaign was developed at Kindred Creative, Sydney, by copywriter/art director Dan Gregory and managing director/copywriter Jamie Clift.

Jamie Clift said: “The advertising is designed to put the dogs smack bang in the consideration set of punters who are missing out on their horse racing entertainment. At the moment, racing fans are being starved of their favourite sport. We wanted to remind them that Greyhound Racing provides a fantastic alternative”.

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