Greenpeace MinkePods

Greenpeace has launched a print campaign raising awareness of the impact of Japan’s plans for scientific research on whales in the Antarctic this year. The print advertisements play on visual connection with advertising for Apple’s iPod to highlight the plight of pods of minke whales. New Zealand copywriter Ravi Ashwar designed these three posters to make the point that whale pods have become as commoditised as ipods.

Greenpeace MinkePods print ad

“Limited edition minkePods now all the rage in Tokyo.”

“Minke whales. Once were pods. Now are solitary stragglers of the sea. Singled out. One. By one. By one. Till one day, there will be none. This year, Japan announced its intention to redden our Southern Oceans with a grisly haul of 935 minke whales. 50 fin whales. And 50 humpbacks. With high-tech fragmentation harpoons equipped with grenades at the end of them. This is sushi science at its bloodiest. Lend your voice to the chorus of outrage. Join Greenpeace and become an Ocean Defender. Together, we can pressurise countries, corporations and the UN to respect our oceans and those that live in it. Sign up for the crusade at”

Greenpeace MinkePods print ad

“All hail Japanese miniaturization. MinkePods are now tinier than nanoPods!”

Greenpeace MinkePods print ad

“Cutting edge technology on all MinkePods – like high-tech fragmentation harpoons!”

Design was by Ravi Eshwar, New Zealand

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