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The California Milk Processor Board has launched Get The Glass, an online interactive campaign around the “Got Milk” theme, creating a world in which milk is in short supply. “We’ve created a place with only one glass of milk, metaphorically speaking,” says CMPB Executive Director Steve James. “We want people to imagine what it would be like if milk really was that scarce and how that would change the way we think about it.”

Get The Glass online site

Walter and Lynn Adachi live on an island with their daughter Melissa and son Tad. Walter’s body is wasting away for lack of calcium. Lynn is suffering (and the rest of the family) from the side effects of PMS. Melissa’s hair and nails are a mess and Tad’s teeth are decaying.

You get to take the Adachi family for a desperate drive in their plumbing service truck towards Fort Fridge where the glass of milk is kept. To complicate matters there’s a security vehicle in hot pursuit. Dice, fortune, misfortune and master cards provide elements of chance. Should you get caught or fail a challenge three times you land up in Milkatraz. But you have the chance to risk an escape, email a friend to get you out, or just wait it out. On the way you must help the Adachis drive along a winding road, arrange flowers in Melissa’s hair, keep Lynn’s PMS-related anger down, and keep them all awake long enough to navigate a maze.

Milkatraz prison on Get The Glass online site

Points can be scored by moving through the game quickly, correctly solving anagrams and word finders, and responding to challenges accurately. Because of the size of the 13 SWF files (ranging from 278 kb to 4.5 mb) you’d need to save your attempt at a decent score for the second run through.

The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of GOT MILK? is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history. GOT MILK? is a federally registered trademark that has been licensed by the national dairy boards since 1995. GOT MILK? gifts and recipes can be viewed at

Get The Glass online site


Get The Glass was developed by longtime CMPB advertising partners, San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The Get The Glass interactive site was developed by Swedish company North Kingdom. See behind-the-scenes shots at Jorge Calleja’s H4Che portfolio site – remember to scroll down for the images and quicktime videos.