God To George Bush

God has taken out a full page ad in UK newspaper, The Independent, calling on George Bush to take climate change more seriously. The ad, appearing on page 39 on June 4 2007, also appears at www.forgodssake.org, a web site registered by Enough’s Enough, where people are urged to write to President Bush at the White House ahead of the G8 summit.

God's letter to George Bush

The ad reads: “George it took 7 days of hard work to create this planet. Please don’t ruin it. Really George, I’m disappointed in you. What you are allowing to happen to my planet is a disgrace. You claim to have a ‘direct line’ to me, you’ve even said, “I trust that God speaks through me”. Yet it seems to me it’s the oil companies who are speaking through you. Well George, here’s an opportunity to make it up to me. When you meet with your fellow World leaders I would like you to reduce your emissions to save my planet from being destroyed by climate change. Can I trust you to do just this one thing for me George? For God’s sake. Yours everlasting, God. X.”

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