Geico Caveman Crib Ready For Party

Geico Insurance has taken the Caveman campaign online with the launch of Caveman’s Crib, Visitors to Caveman’s Crib soon discover that Geico Caveman is getting ready for a party. On the front door there’s a sign, “1231 Party’s Here”. We’re invited to join the party at the caveman’s crib. We can sample the tunes, tour his rooms, but we’re not to make him angry.

Caveman's Crib

Geico Caveman Crib Party Mix

Check out the iPod for music and podcasts:
Party Mix
Remind Me – Royksopp
Guajira Son – Corina Bartra
Boogie Bonnie Bell – Arthur Loves Plastic
Waiting – D:Fuse & Hiratzka
Homecoming Weekend – Riding Paper Airplanes
Rumba NorteƱa – Rick Davies
Podcast 24 – Caveman Stereotypes
Theme Song – The Fabulous Entourage
Freaky Fat Tuesday – Particle Zoo
Feel The Love – Arthur Loves Plastic
Everyday – Napoleon da Legend

On the TV check out samples from Geico Caveman TV ads, but keep in mind how offensive these are to your host. Read through emails on the computer but be prepared to be reminded how rude this is.

Walk through to the bathroom and the bedroom where you can help choose an outfit for the party tonight.

Back in the lounge take a browse through HIM, the quarterly magazine for men of means, where you’ll read all about caveman Joe Dyton’s appearance in the up and coming movie.

And of course, take a look at the Musings of a Caveman Blog.

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