Garmin vs Maposaurus for GPS Music Video

Garmin International is promoting GPS navigation technology in a 30-second television commercial during the second quarter of the NFL Super Bowl XLI on February 4th. The theme of the commercial is “Grab your Garmin, Take on the World” – demonstrating how Garmin personal navigation devices can save the everyday consumer time, money, and hassles.

Garmin Maposaurus

The spot begins with an “Average Joe” finding himself lost and unfolding a road map for help. The map continues to unfurl and expand – quickly taking over the car – eventually turning into the dreaded Maposaurus. Thankfully, another motorist – armed with his Garmin nüvi® – morphs into a superhero who battles and defeats the dreaded map monster. An earnest yet over-the-top heavy metal band adds narration to the epic battle, with vocals provided by Steve Grimmet of Lionsheart, formerly with Grim Reaper and Onslaught. Click on the image below to play the video.


The project was conceived and produced with the help of Minneapolis-based advertising agency Fallon Worldwide, which was also responsible for Garmin’s infectious and highly successful “Give a Garmin” 2006 holiday campaign. The creative team included creative director Kerry Feuerman, group creative director Brian Tierney, creatives Kris Wixom and Alisa Sengel Wixom, director of broadcasst Marty Wetherall, music supervisor Michael Elliot-Knight and business manager Brendan Lawrence.

“To an engineer, these devices are literally rocket science, but in the hands of the consumer, they’re anything but,” said Fallon group creative director Brian Tierney. “We purposely went for a look and feel that would make the technology approachable and the brand likeable to the consumer—all while communicating the core idea that in the arena of personal navigation, Garmin is the no-holds-barred champion.”

Filming was directed by Ulf Johansson via Smith and Jones Films, London, with executive producer Philippa Smith, production managers Jane Linfoot and Nicola Sims, production designer Robin Brown, and director of photography Barry Ackroyd.

Telecine was done at The Moving Picture Company, London, by colorist Jean-Clement Soret.

Editors Jim Hutchins and Paal Rui worked via HutchCo Technologies, Los Angeles.

Post production was done at Pixel Farm, Minneapolis, by online/VFX artist Steve Medin, assistant Pete Olson, visual effects artist Randy Gackstetter, executive producer Christine Tierney, sound design/audio engineer Ken Chasstain and producer Allison Swanson.

Music was produced by Pat Weaver with Musikvergnuegen.

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Grab Your Garmin Music Video – Pushin’ Comes to Shove

Click on the image below to play the video.