Foxtel Tumble in Australia

Australian television channel Foxtel invites viewers to experience the world with Tumble, a TV ad playing on the childhood past time of rolling down hills. A man sitting on a grassy knoll becomes inspired by a rolling apple. He sets off to tumble through a railway station, an opera stage, a riot, past a Turkish family meal, a Chinese market, and through an ocean and desert. The text: “See something. Feel something” leads to the web site

Foxtel Tumble Man

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The Foxtel Feel Something campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, Sydney by executive creative director David Nobay and creative group heads Rudi Vranken and Justine Amour.

Filming for Foxtel Tumble was shot by Steve Rogers via Revolver Film, Sydney, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Georgina Wilson, director of photography Nigel Bluck. Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine. Visual effects were developed at Animal Logic.

Music is sung by Melanie Horsnell, of Nylon Studios.

What I see the sun is rising for you
What I got I gotta give it to you
It’s all I have
I hope it’s enough to love you with

What I saw I saw you pass me by
What I felt I passed you back with a smile
It’s all I have
I hope it’s enough to love you with

Missing line
It’s a beautiful surprise

Foxtel Tumble Man on Wall

  • Raj

    ahhhh………i saw something and felt nothing.
    saatchi n saatchi has lost it…
    this ad doesnt inspire anyone to buy the product..
    its a sissy ad with even worst tagline, “SEE something. Feel something”. can someone tell me what to see and what to feel.
    david ogilevy must be scratching his head in heavens…
    send this ad again for some art film festival…

  • jess

    hey. does anywone know where i can download the song?? i cant find it anywhere.

  • hank

    some marketing people really need to enter tropfest, they could get this stuff out of their systems save their companies millions.