Foxtel IQ Rewind Live TV

Australian pay television channel Foxtel is promoting the use of rewind live TV function on Foxtel IQ with a print advertising campaign featuring the effects of rewinding on sporting participants. A javelin player is winded by the handle of his javelin as it returns from a throw. Bikers are unnerved to discover their bikes coming back to them after a fall. The text: “Foxtel IQ. Pause, Record, Rewind live tv. Call 1300 138 898”

Javelin thrower hit by his own javelin

Bike riders threatened by their own bikes


The Foxtel IQ Rewind advertising campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys, Australia, by creative directors Scott Nowell, Justin Drape, art director Sam Chappell, copywriter Nick Morrissey, and photographer Penny Clay.

  • masda

    hei. did some one actually get struck by a javlin? WOW THATS FREAKI. nice shot of the bikeys. l0l
    kool. cya. masda .xx

  • masda

    i reckon its awesome that you can pause rewing LIVE TV!!!!!
    i so wan tit l0l.
    xx masda

  • Spearchucker

    If you look closely, it is the tail of the javelin that impaled him. I remember back in the early 70’s, there was an accident at the Air Force Academy where an athlete was running on the in field of the track and ran right into a javelin that was stuck in the ground in front of him at a 45degree angle. The tail pierced his heart, Amazing he survived! Easy to happen because when you view the javelin at just the right angle(straight on or from the rear) all you see is a small circle. Ouch!

  • ur mum


  • shelby

    First off, that is the wrong end of the Javelin stabbing through him. Second, its impossible to stab yourself when your the one throwing the Javelin