Four and Twenty Pies Jono

Australian viewers are enjoying the latest TV ad for Four n Twenty meat pies, a promotion for the Hungry Man pie aimed at blue collar blokes under 30. Two young men see Johnno, a man across the street enjoying his pie. He’s clearly hungry, and appears to have been working hard. He’s so hungry that he’s got no time for his best mate on the phone. Every man for himself!

Four and Twenty Pies Johnno

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‘Johnno’ was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by creative director James McGrath, creatives Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, strategy planner Michael Hyde and agency producer Sevda Cemo.

Filming was directed by Tony Rogers via Renegade Films, Melbourne, with producer Jenny Livingston and editor Richard Hamer.

Post production was done at Complete Post, Melbourne. Sound was produced at Flagstaff Studios by sound engineer Stevo Williams.

The Four’n Twenty pie is a key part of Australian culture, a regular feature at football matches. The brand was started in Bendigo in the late 1940s and was soon moved to Melbourne. Patties Foods currently produce around 70 million Four n Twenty pies per year, using approximately 25,000 kilograms of meat and 50,000 kilograms of flour every day. In addition, every hour, the plant can produce 1.9 kilometers of sheet pastry measuring one meter wide and four millimeters thick. The brand has recently been launched in the United States.