Ford Ranger Legendary Tough

Ford Australia has connected the Ranger 4WD with the legendary bravery of adventurers Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts. A driver dares to take his Ford Ranger SUV into the realm of Cyclops, the one-eyed giant. The enraged ogre throws rocks, only to discover that the driver has the capacity to carry the rocks away on the back of his truck. The driver moves onto a field where he encounters a horde of centaurs. Rather than being intimidated by them, he pulls out the lasso and captures them. The final encounter is with Neptune, god of the sea, complete with trident. As strong and powerful as Neptune may be, the Ford Ranger is tougher and faster, even while towing a boat along the beach.

Neptune pursues the driver of a Ford Ranger

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Alex Mihalovich, brand marketing manager of Ford Motor Company believes: “We’ve always had a proud history of building one-tonne trucks. And now with the launch of the new Ford Ranger we have an opportunity to leverage this legendary tough truck heritage.”


The Ford Ranger Legendary Tough campaign was developed at JWT, Sydney, by creative director Jeremy Wynne, creative group head Keith Nicolas, senior writer Aimen Sleiman and agency producer Justine Kubale. “Keith and Aimen were in their element playing with thousands of kilos of plasticine” said Jeremy Wynne, JWT Melbourne creative director.

Filming was directed by Bruce Hunt at Radical Media with producer Julianne Shelton

Animation was developed at Anifex, Adelaide. Post production was done at Oasis Post, Adelaide.

Music score was the responsibility of Dare Music. Sound was designed by Phil Kenihan at Front Of House.