Ford Falcon Ute in Bloke Utopia

Ford Australia is promoting the Falcon XR8 Ute (utility vehicle), in a TV ad portraying Utopia for Aussie Blokes. A couple of blokes drive around the neighborhood, observing the Ford XR8 utes parked in driveways, waving to the other blokes. They see a guy in his dressing gown chewing on the super size kebab just delivered by the paper boy. They observe the blokes running down the road after Mr Frothy the beer vendor. Driving towards the city they see police stopping metrosexuals. A couple of mates roll their way down the sidewalk on their lazy-boy sofas. And to top it all off, there’s a massive 280 inch widescreen plasma television screen being delivered to the hotel. On the main street the guys see tool shops everywhere, while “Beer The Musical” is being launched at the local cinema. Men cavort in the beer fountain. The tagline, “Falcon XR8 Ute. The power it gives blokes is unbelievable.”

Men chase Mr Frothy van in Ford Falcon Utopia ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

Andy Hoang, Ford’s marketing communications manager, says the ad, while aimed directly at blokes, doesn’t alienate the female audience.

“It’s a fun ad that shows guys taking the mickey out of themselves and the things they hold dear. It’s an ad that will also make women laugh and probably roll their eyes when they recognize a few of their beloved’s own traits in the ad,” he said.

Men ride their Lazy Boy armchairs in Ford Falcon Utopia ad


The Utopia campaign was developed at JWT Melbourne by creative director Jeremy Wynne, copywriter Scott Glennon, art director Jason Ryan, account director Ben Epstein, agency producer Justine Kubale.

Filming was directed by Patrick Hughes via Visual effects were developed at Iloura.