Ford Declares Backyard Cricket War

Ford Australia is preparing for a summer of sponsored cricket with a Backyard Cricket war between four players from the Australian cricket team. The TV campaign will connect with material on the radio, on cricket grounds over the summer, and online at where the Tonk A Pom digital game is being revived. Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Mike Hussey and Andrew Symonds establish the rules of war…

Ford Backyard Cricket players

One Zip

Rain disrupts play for two of the backyard players. But it’s not the wet. “You guys keep on changing the rules…”

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Whose Rules

“You’re out mate! Rules are rules!”

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Hussey’s Heroes and Roy’s Rebels pick their teams from the boys and girls lining up in the crowd. Viewers are encouraged to enter the competition at and join a local cricket club.

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The Backyard Cricket War campaign is being rolled out at JWT, Melbourne, by executive creative director Richard Muntz, creative director Jeremy Wynne, art director Roger Nance, copywriter John Skaro and agency producers Justine Kubale and Pip Hemming.

Filming is being shot by director Craig Maclean via The Guild, Melbourne.

  • Phillip Gorman

    I’m 8 and i reckon that husseys heroes suck and i like roys rebels. i reckon that the adds are heaps cool and roy and pup are right, hus and haydos keep changing the rules.

  • Daniel Horn

    Hey, I’m 14 and from Townsville and have played rep cricket for North Queensland and have been and emerging Player and I’d love to be one of Husseys Heroes cause i think hussey and Hayden are legends and they would kick Roy and Pups ass. And Plus my backyard is awesome for barckyard cricket and i would shout a awesome kfc bucket lunch.

  • Bradley Pankasz

    I’m 10 and I play for Queanbeyan and i’ve only hit one six.I would like to be on the Roys Rebals team.So Roy and Pup can teach me how to hit more sixes.I also rekon my backyard rules will make Haydos and Huss quiver and they will want to take there bat ball and go home.
    I’ll shout the Backyard Bucket for lunch!

  • Darcy Brice

    I’m 11, and my brother and I play cricket for Thomson. I play with him in the backyard, but I’m to good for him and I need a challenge. I think if I had Roy and Pup on my team, then haydos and hussy would’nt stand a chance!

  • Patrick Brice

    I’m 8 and I love cricket. I play under 11s. I alway’s play with my brother. I think with Roy and Pup on my team we can kill Haydos and Hussey.

  • Jeremy Brice

    i play milo cricket. and my brothers play with me.and they help me bat and bowl.and they also sometimes get me out by the stumps and catches when i am batting.could you come and play cricket at my house please.i would like to play with roy as he has ropes on his hair. and dont get me out .

  • Sean Moffitt

    Hi I’m 13 and I absolutely love cricket. I think that I am more of a bowler than a batter. On the Add where the girl says for pup to be afraid i think she is wrong Hussey’s Heroes should be the ones afraid. I absolutely adore KFC and I love the Fillers that they make. I could bring some. Forgot to say this I also love the Bakyard Buckets.

  • Sammy

    Hi I’m 11. I am a BIG cricket fan. I Love Roy and Pup. I love there hair. There Great Cricket players. I don’t like Hussey and Haydos, they keep changing the rules. and fake tan doesn’t rub off Haydos. I love KFC. I would Bring Roys Rebels Fillers and a Backyard Bucket.

  • William Canning

    Hi I’m 7 1/2 and I’m a big fan of cricket. I’m good at batting and bowling. Roy’s Rebbles are going down! I love KFC just as much as I love cricket. I play Milo cricket and I have fun.

  • nick

    yeah mate go roys rebals

  • Beck

    Hi I’m 11 and I love cricket so much. I’m a good bowler and Wicket keeper. Hussey’s Hungers are falling fast.I love Ro and Clarke so they r gonna win. I play for my brother’s team as an emergency because i’m a girl and on my first real match i got two wickets.Cricket rules

  • Beck

    Roy i mean. And I’ll shout you all KFC. BE AFRAID hussey’s heros BE AFRAID

  • Adrian hotham

    hi im 13, ive played cricket and my best figures is 10 wickets for only one run,


    ROY N CLARKE are like the best nearlly captain and vice captain in the near future

    im playin for under 16s i really think it is hard considering my best figures so far have been 5 for 18 runs and batting the highest score ive got was 98 not out

    well anyway go roys rebels by the wat nice 100 you get roy it was ausume

  • nick

    hi im 12, i play for rochester untied cricket club im manly the wicket keeper and i have a bowl each week, and a bat. I love the ROYS REBELS they just purely rock, clarke you superstar 3 wickets in 5 bowls!!!!! and roy 162* cant get better then that, plus i will shout a couple of backyard buckets for you both, and the fake tan wont rub off pup it doesnt rain were i live.

  • Narelle

    My grandson is 5 and loves playing backyard cricket, he will think all he’s birthday’s come a once if he sided with Hussey and Hayden. I would love it too

  • Joshua Rix

    hi my name is joshua and i love cricket and i just want to play at least 1 game against roy clarkey huss and hayden in backyardcricket. I would love if u could come here to my house i hope u pick me.

  • Just need to point out that this is not the competition site – it’s about the advertising campaign. Names left here for the Roy’s Rebels and Hussey’s Heroes teams will not be included in the competition.

  • Joshua

    I play Cricket in a small town in NSW But I play rep Cricket too and open the batting I want to be on Roy’s Rebels Because Pup and Roy are my Favorite players and Pup I have your Bat.

  • Joshua

    Hi I play cricket in a small town in Nsw I Love Cricket I live for it I would Really love it If I had the pleasure of Playing for Roy’s Rebels Because I love Pup.

  • Joshua

    I love Roy and pup and I really want to play Cricket for them I also play Cricket for a small town in Nsw But it would be a deam come true if I get to play

  • Alex

    hi im 11 i love cricket i play reps for north shore and if i was on roys team we would kick ass and the fillers are the best i would die for one right now.

  • Joey

    I reckon backyard cricket is the best! You can get together with your mates and have a hit. ( Without worrying about the rules that Husseys heros make up all the time).I play for an U11’s team, even though I’m twelve, and am one of only two girls. Me and my team love to kid around while we arent batting with a little mini game. Then when its our time to field, we play imaginary cricket out on the pitch while we wait for the batters!. It’s so fun!! Cricket with ya mates is the best you can get!!

  • christian

    hi my name is christian i like both teams but i would like to be on roys rebles becuase i can take a chnce but can they i will shout the winning team lunch at our backery

    by christian

  • rizzza

    im 16 and i play me sister…shes 14 and she doesnt even know wat stumps r.. so with hussey n haydos onmy team we could destroy pup n roy n my sis just how aussies done it for 16 tests in a row!!!!

  • geoff

    Hi im a 37 dad of five my oldest daughter loves & plays cricket my oldest boy loves it to but doesn’t play yet. I think if pup & roy were on his team & hussey & haydos were on my daughters team it would make for one great game of cricket plus get to kids even more in love with the game of cricket. Forward this on be have of two future Australian cricketers

  • corey lock

    yo i’m 10 and i love cricket i think roys rebles are da best. EVER.

  • Roys Rebels!

    I AM 14 and i love cricket I play for my local club and North east Knights.(im a girl). I think Roys Rebels are better because they are more versatile. Clarkey and Roy can bat, bowl and field which gives them the edge over huss and haydos.
    If they were to come to my house i would shout them some filler.

  • jayden

    hi iam 10 years old and im joining a cricket team and i have hit 5 4’s and 3 6’s and i would love to be apart of the backyard cricket team because cricket is like a talent to me it is my favorite sport and i am a BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan of australia and all i have to i would like to be on pup and roys teams because the other team don’t play by the rules all they do is change the rules so pup or roy get out say is go aussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody Maughan

    Hi I am 11 years old and I would like to play cricket for Australia. I like Roys rebels becasue they are my favourite players in cricket.

  • jayden

    sorry to say but all i have to say is go aussie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • will liddle

    i love cricket and i really want to
    come and vs you guys in cricket and
    also go aussies!!!

  • stevo

    You guys really ought to check out awesome fun cricket site

  • Dan Horn

    yo guys. i’m the best at cricket. me average is about 99. pretty frigin awesome i know.

  • Cam Lewis

    My three highest scores in Backyard Cricket are 238, 156 and 152

  • Cam Lewis

    i am aiming to beat my own Backyard Cricket World Record score of 238 and to score a 300*

  • Darby Chalmers

    I am 10 years of age. I have decided to not play cricket this year as has my brother Donovan and sister Maible.

    All three of us watch dad play every saturday afternoon and we are busting to play again next summer. In the meantime we are always in the backyard playing, scoring centuries and taking “five fors”.

    The yard is ideal for a Roy’s Rebels V Hussey’s Hero’s test match. Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Cam Lewis

    I came so close to making my second 200 in Backyard Cricket, I made 196 i was dismissed by six and out rule.

  • Cam Lewis

    im currently playing a backyard cricket test at home and at stumps day one i am on 64*

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