For True Sound Evolve to TDK

TDK Australia is continuing with the ‘Evolve’ theme with a set of print advertisements encouraging readers to check out the company’s range of audio gear. Each of the posters shows a likeness of a well known rock star, Ozzy Osbourne, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams, with the words “For True Sound Evolve to TDK”. The campaign follows a 1999 campaign, Square eyes, big ears’, a 2005 campaign, “Evolve into a TV Star” competition, and “Chrysalis” (TV spot directed by Joel Pront).

Not Ozzy in TDK print ad

Not Kylie Minogue in TDK print ad

Not Robbie Williams in TDK print ad


The Evolve to TDK campaign was developed at BWM, Sydney, Australia, by art director Jake Rusznyak, copywriter Dean Hamilton, and photographer Gary Heery.