Fling Forever Is Overrated

Masterfoods Australia has launched a new chocolate product, Fling®, with an advertising campaign, “Forever Is Overrated”. A cartoon character princess nonchalantly says goodbye to a prince. It’s been good but there’s no guarantee it will last forever. She ducks inside to enjoy her Fling chocolate bar, with birds twittering through the window.

Prince farewells princess in Fling TV ad

Targeted at self-assured women in their late 20s and 30s, Fling’s premise is that it’s “only a light flirtation” and is “not full-on commitment”. It doesn’t last forever, unlike the predictable endings of fairytales, where everyone lives happily ever after. Hence the tagline: “Forever is overrated.”

The campaign was launched on 27 May and includes television, outdoor, “graffiti” and a sampling component organised by Traffik Marketing. Spreads in Famous and Who magazines will run in June. The launch of Fling is expected to be Masterfoods’ biggest since the debut of Twix in 1993.

Princess eats chocolate in Fling TV ad


The Fling campaign is being developed at advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, by executive creative director James McGrath, creative director Emma Hill, art director Cameron Hoelter, copywriter Emma Hill, and agency producer Sevda Cemo.

Filming was directed by The Glue Society (Gary Freedman and producer Cath Chapel) via Sydney production company @Radical Media.

Post production The Lab, Sydney. Animation was done at Mad Cow Films, Sydney, by managing director Steve Trinbirth, producer Karen Emery, marketing director Sue Nutman, production designer Robert Qui, art director Darren Carney, storyboard supervisor Mark Sonntag.

Media was arranged by Starcom Worldwide.

  • Eyesonly

    Who is the voice of the Prince anyone?

  • Limodriver

    Not sure on the prince, but I think the princess may be Pamela Anderson? (For an aussie ad?)

    Will have a better listen to it next time for the prince’s voice.

  • Disappointed

    Very disappointed with the message being put out there regarding the ‘Fling’. Our society needs more commitment, not less, to put the brakes on the rapid decline we are on to anarchy. Please don’t stoop to the lowest common denominator; you have the advertising power to change things for the better!

  • aussieness

    To me, the voice of the prince sounds like American actor Michael Weatherly from the American show ‘NCIS’. It probably isn’t though, but who knows.

    Why is this ad so American when it was made by Australians (I’m assuming), in Australia, for Australian viewers? Why can’t they use Australian voices/accents?

  • me

    the princesses voice is jennifer garner and the princes voice does sound like michael weatherlys but not sure

  • Baine

    “Targeted at self-assured women in their late 20s and 30s” is a nice way of putting it. Put more honesty “Targeted at childless, overweight, cumsluts in thier late 20s and 30s who love taste explosions with a melt away texture”. “Forever is overrated.â€? should be “Marketing sluts are overrated”

  • Personally, I like the commercial. For so long, we talked about how things are meant to last forever and they don’t. We blather on and on about how this is good, that will last. It’s fantastic to see something that admits to being something light, short-lasting, and fun. I do wish they had used Aussie voices though. It would’ve just fit the candy better, since I won’t be able to get it in the US. *sigh*