Fishermans Friend Smack in the Mouth

Fisherman’s Friend Australia has a humorous TV and online advertising campaign, Smack In The Mouth, featuring two truck drivers and a woman in red. Two truck drivers stop for a break. One asks the other if he can have one of his Fisherman’s Friends to eat. As he sucks on the lozenge he sees the woman of his dreams approaching – dressed in red vinyl and carrying a large fish…

Woman in red in Fishermans Friend TV ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Fishermans Friend site offers the ad in four different styles – original, invigorating over arm, sideways invigoration, invigorating under arm.


Filming was shot by director Paul Middleditch, via Plaza Films, with producer Peter Masterton.

The Smack in the Mouth ad was edited by Peter Whitmore, The Editors.