First Austrian Bartending School at Church

1st Austrian Bartending School (Österreichische Barkeeperschule) is running classes down at the local church now. This TV ad features a talented priest doing his tricks with water and wine. Traditional organ music is transformed to provide an more upbeat approach to the mass. Jesus’s words, “Many are called but few are chosen”, from Matthew 22:14, are appropriated for this recruitment drive.

Austrian Bartending School - Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen


The First Austrian Bartending School Church ad was developed at Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria, by creative director/copywriter Rosa Haider, creative director Franz Merlicek, art director Germaine Cap de Ville, and agency producer Johannes Rudolph.

Filming was shot by director Harald Sicheritz via Film Factory, Vienna, Austria, with director of photography Thomas Kiennast. Organ music was composed by Franz Kremslehner.