Fernet 1882 Choir Sings

Fernet 1882, a new brand of amaro produced by Porta Hermanos, is associated with a series of quirky TV ads in Argentina. This recent advertisement promotes Fernet 1882 with a male choir responding to the flow of the liquor. As the choir assembles, the numerals for 1882 appear one at a time on the screen. With a series of one-syllable words the men launch into a celebration of their favourite drink. Up in the control box a technician turns taps to direct the flow of foam from the heads of the back row, creating an effect to the Mentos/Diet Coke experiements. The spot finishes with fireworks.

Male singers in Fernet 1882 Choir


The 1882 Choir spot was developed at Madre, the Buenos Aires office of Mother London, whose team included creative director and founding partner Carlos Bayala.

Filming was directed by Nicolas Kasakoff via Nunchaku Cine, Buenos Aires, with producers Claudio Pastorino and Patricia Butelman, with editor Roi.

Post production was done at Che Revolution Post. Sound was mixed at No Problem. Music was the responsibility of Animal Music.

Male singers in Fernet 1882 Choir