Fedex Ground Not What It Seems

Fedex Ground tries to persuade viewers not to judge the speed of their service by their title in this spot aired during the Super Bowl 2007. “Fedex saved us with their overnight service so we go to Fedex Ground for everyday shipping”, says a woman in a corporate office. Her colleague responds, “Ground… that doesn’t sound fast”. In defense it is explained that Fedex Ground is faster than anything. You can’t judge things by their names. Hairy Harry agrees. And so does leaning Eileen, giggling Joy and bobbing Bob. Mr Turkey Neck sums it up. “We all agree that Fedex Ground is fast despite the name ‘Ground’.”

Fedex Officer Workers Harry, Eileen, Joy and Bob

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Fedex ‘Not What It Seems’ ad was developed at BBDO New York, by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Eric Silver, associate creative director/copywriter Steve McElligott, associate creative director/art director Jerome Marucci, executive producer Elise Greiche, assistant producer Chad Garber, assistant poducer Theresa Ward.

Filming was directed by Jim Jenkins via Hungry Man, with director of photography Russell Carpenter.

Visual effects were developed at The Mill, New York.

Title Design was done at Hornet.

Sound was designed by Marc Healy at Mackenzie Cutler. Editor was Ian Mackenzie.

Question Everything at Associated Content suggests that the ad would have been more captivating with a more colorful setting. I agree. The first few lines struggled to catch my attention. It would have been good to add one character who didn’t fit his name.