Falling in Lamb Trailer

Meat and Livestock Australia has launched “Falling in Lamb”, a TV advertising campaign for spring in Australia, providing movie references galore. Jane was looking for love in all the wrong places. But sometimes the thing we need most is right under our noses. From the creators of Lamb Actually comes an unlikely romance between two people who share one passion. Clive Ovens, Rosemary Spriggs in a story that proves true love is indeed rare – medium rare. Falling in Lamb. Coming to a plate near you.

Couple share lamb chops in Falling in Lamb

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Clearly the creative team at BMF, Sydney, had fun with this spot, with visual puns (water melons) added to witticisms relating to the lamb – ‘you’ll give her the chop like the rest of them’, ‘so tender’, ‘would you marinade?’, “shanks”.

The movie poster gives credits C. Salt Shakir, Rosemary Spriggs, Clive Garlick, Carver Bitoff, Olly Voyl, Tray Baker, Ann Ovens, with Aima Goode-Cook. Music by I Singh Mel O’Dee. Edited by Anne Editor. The movie is rated G for General Consumption for the whole family.

Poster for Falling in Lamb

No doubt this ad, as with previous MLA campaigns, will irritate the vegetarian lobby…


The Falling in Lamb campaign was developed at BMF by executive creative director Warren Brown, associate reative director/art director Shan Gibson, copywriter Dennis Koutoulogenis, agency producer Mandy Payne, account team Julie Burke, David Flanagan and Michelle Bradfield, and strategic planner Gerry Cyron.

Filming was shot by director Charley Stadler via Flying Fish with producer Paul Friedmann, director of photography Russell Boyd.

Post production was done at Frame Set & Match. Sound was designed by Barry Stewart at Sound Reservoir. Editor was Drew Thompson at Guillotine.

  • Tyson Clarke

    O…..M…..G thats such a good ad, ppl that create that are so smart, I was so upset when i relised it was a ad coz it looks like a good movie

  • Charli

    To: Tyson!
    You idiot.. i thought it was a real movie aswell but i thought it would of been stupid to watch!
    Pft two people falling in Lamb.

  • Lil

    i had a massive argument with me sister as she thinks its a real movie cos she saw the add when she was watching previews at the cinema.. then when she saw it on tv she argued black and blue that it was a movie coming out soon even thou i tried to explain it was jsut an add for yummy lamb…

  • David Williams

    So funny, i know this girl called stacey hynes. She thought it was a movie as well. Another classic blonde moment…

  • Lauri

    I am such a retard! I was waiting and waiting for it to come out on video. Even though, I dont eat lamb, I love the whole “shanks” thing. God, it looked funny.
    Oh, well lol

  • john

    i think its funny as.
    ne one know the name of the lady actor? she’s great!

  • legs

    The actress is Penny Mcnamee (playing Nesarose is wicked currently in australia)

  • Chris

    I knew it was ad ad about 10 seconds in, but…. I soooooooooooooo wanted it to be a movie. It looks like something I go to see.

  • katie

    hahahaha i told you jessica, nicole and alana that it was not a movie owe me $$$$50 hahahaha

  • steph raper

    i dont even know what my friend katie lee bond is talking about but this looks funny . i havent seen this ad but i love u. hi katie lee bond at colo high school