Elvis Presley With BBC Radio 2 Stars

BBC Radio 2 promoted its playlist on UK televisions in September 2006 with a collation of historical moments introduced by Elvis Presley himself. Elvis stands on the stage, dressed in white, flared rhinestone suit, introducing SugaBabes on backing vocals, Marvin Gaye the man with beautiful voice, Jimmy Page on lead guitar, Noel Gallagher on rhythm guitar, Keith Moon on drums, Sheryl Crow on bass guitar, Stevie Wonder on piano. The super: “What an amazing lines-up. All day every day. Radio 2.”

Elvis Presley in Hawaii for Radio 2 TV advert

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The main body of the spot comes from Elvis’ 1973 concert, Aloha from Hawaii. Marvin Gaye was performing live in Montreux, 1980. Noel was performing with The Who and Friends at the Royal Albert Hall, 2003. Sheryl Crow is shown at The Grammys, 2003. Stevie Wonder’s footage comes from Sesame Street. Keith Moon’s drum solo comes from 2nd House 2nd Run, 1974. Jimmy Page is shown performing in Atlantic at 40, 1988. The Sugababes were actually filmed especially for this advertisement, using an early 1970s video camera to keep the look consistent with the Elvis footage.

What An Amazing Line Up in Radio 2 TV advert

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street for Radio 2 TV advert

Elvis and Sheryl Crow in Radio 2 TV advert


The Elvis Introductions advert was developed at DFGW by creative director Brendan Wilkins, art director Rodney Kavanagh and account director Tom Vick.

Filming was directed by Steve Cope, via Red Bee Media, with producer Edel Erickson, director of photography Ed Wild, and executive producer Laura Gould.

Post production was done at Blue Post Production, by visual effects artist Chris Mortimer supported by Anne Trotman, Dave Rose, Steve Miller, Davide Pascole, Safiya Ravat and Yolanda Rubio, and producer Angela Parkinson. Chris had the task of removing the distinctive camera movements from each of the shots to allow consistency throughout the introduction.

Editor was Tim Hardy at Cut & Run.