Edward Norton Addicted For Nike Plus Apple

Edward Norton, known for his role as narrator in the 1999 movie Fight Club, is the voice in Nike’s recently released television commercial, “Addicted”, launched for the European market on April 21. Norton speaks over a range of scenes filmed in Prague, The Czech Republic, New York City, USA and Marseille, France, with a woman’s voice in the background producing a commentary on the performance of a runner. “I am addicted. I’ve collected footsteps before dawn, seen places I never knew existed, run to the moon and back, been a rabbit for the neighborhood dogs, obeyed the voice in my head, let music carry me when I couldn’t, raced against yesterday, let the world be my witness, measured myself in metres, kilometres and finally character. I’ve plugged into a higher purpose, left this world and come back changed. I am addicted.” The super: “Run Like You’ve Never Run Before. Nikeplus.com

Nike Addicted Runner


The Nike Plus Addicted ad was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, by creative directors Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman and Alvaro Sotomayor.

Filming was directed by Dante Ariola, via MJZ, with director of photography Harris Savides.

“To introduce something as radically different as Nike+, it was only fitting that we create a spot from a perspective that Nike never had before, from inside the head of a runner,” said Rick Condos, Creative Director for Wieden + Kennedy. “Every line was vetted against a tangible truth about the Nike+ system and a tangible truth about running. When strung together, they tell a story about running that is as understandable to the novice runner as it is to the expert.”

Music was composed by Bernd W├╝rtz and Peter Challis at A-Bomb Music.


Nike+ is the wireless system that allows Nike footwear to communicate with an iPod nano for the ultimate personal running and workout experience.

“The most common feedback we are receiving from Nike+ users is that the experience has changed the way they approach running,” Brent Scrimshaw, Vice President of EMEA Marketing. “Whether it’s the instant feedback they hear over their music or the ability to set goals and challenge friends on nikeplus.com, Nike+ is encouraging people who never ran to run, and motivating people who run to run more.”

To experience Nike+, an athlete needs Nike+ ready footwear, an iPod nano and the Nike + iPod sport kit, which contains the sensor and receiver. There are over a dozen styles of Nike+ ready footwear to meet a wide variety of running styles and preferences.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows real-time data — pace, time, distance and calories burned — to be heard over the audio through headphones or seen on the display of the iPod nano. After a workout, the data is sent to nikeplus.com by syncing the iPod nano to a computer. On nikeplus.com, runs can be analyzed via a dynamic interface and stored for future reference. Runners can set personal goals for themselves or challenge one another. Progress is easily tracked, challengers can leave messages for one another and results can be compared to runners around the world.

Music and sport merge like never before through “Original Sport Music,” customized songs written and performed specifically for working out. “Coaching Mixes” feature world class athletes talking listeners through personal workouts for activities like training for distance, treadmill running, or even yoga. All are available through the iTunes Store.

Nike also features a range of performance apparel and accessories, including jackets, tops and shorts, designed for the iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit (sensor and receiver) and Nike+ ready footwear and apparel are available through nike.com, Niketown, and NikeWomen stores, as well as authorized Nike retail partners. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is also available through the Apple Store (www.apple.com) and Apple retail stores.