Edenor urges Victor Sueiro to turn Light off

Edenor Electricity, Argentina power company, has been encouraging customer to save electricity, using a TV ad featuring Victor Suero, author of “Mas Alla De LA Vida” (Beyond This Life). The well known Catholic journalist and television presenter has written extensively on his life-after-death experiences. He appears in this advertisement in a light-hearted treatment of a potentially serious environmental issue.

Victor Sueiro in Edenor TV ad

Two men knock on Sueiro’s door, demanding to speak with Sueiro. In the next scene we see Sueiro being interrogated in some world headquarters. Important-looking officials demand to know if the famous writer remembered to turn of the great bright light he saw in the afterlife, before returning to this world. Of course he didn’t. He couldn’t. But he must go back, they say, to remedy that. There is far too much power being wasted. Sueiro wakes up from this dream in a sweat, and makes a point of turning of excess lights in his home. The final super: “Apaga las luces que no usas” (Turn off the lights you are not using).

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The Edenor campaign was developed at El Cielo, Buenos Aires, by group creative directors Ramiro Agulla and Carlos Baccetti, creative director Walter Aregger, copywriters Rafael Santamarina, Juan Pablo Gariglio and Walter Aregger, art directors Juan Manuel Montero and Rodrigo Fernandez Siffredi, and agency producer Gonzalo Lemos.

Filming was directed by Claudio Prestia via Bendercine, with executive producer Jacqui Lijtensten, director of photography Carlos Ferro, and editor Pablo Barbieri.

Sound was the responsibility of La Casa Sound. Music was composed at Animal Music.

Interrogator in Edenor TV ad