Dyslexia Dog is God in Frustrating Song

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has a public service announcement in the form of a song, “Frustrating”, sung by a dog and children.

Dyslexic Dog writes God on the board

The 60 second clip opens with the Dog character writing his name on the board as “God” before leading the children in singing the song. The karaoke-style bouncing ball struggles to cope as the words appear on the screen in the wrong order. Click on the image below to play the video.

Frustating Lyrics

(Words and letters here in their correct order)

Frustrating when you’re reading words and writing words
and they just don’t come right out
When you hear moo moo, but you think oink oink
You feel like a donkey

When a dog is god and a god is a dog
Do you throw a bone or pray

When an a is a c and a b is a d and an E is 3
It looks just like Chinese



Dyslexia Frustrating was developed at Hot Tomali, Vancouver, by creative director/art director Thomas Stringham and copywriter Sebastien Wilcox.

Filming was directed by Jason Bourque, Goldstar Productions, Vancouver, with producer Ken Frith and director of photography/editor Anthony Baker.

Post production was done at N/A Films, Vancouver.

Audio/sound design was by Wayne Kozak Audio Productions, Vancouver.