Duncans TV listed in Top Australian Blogs

Duncans TV was listed as one of Australia’s most popular blogs this last week. Craig Harper, radio host, business coach, author, motivational speaker and blogger based in Melbourne, put together Ultimate Aussie Blogroll, a list of the top 100 blogs in Australia, basing his list on Technorati rankings. He’s listed the sites in the sidebar of his blog and undertakes to update the list each weekend. This week Duncans TV Ad Land is ranked at 42, based on Duncans TV Technorati ranking of 15075. Technorati ranking is based on the number of registered blogs that link here.

Australian Computer Screen

Meg Tsiamis from DLook adapted Craig’s list, adding the variable of traffic measured by Alexa. She describes her method at Blogpond. The Top 100 Australian blogs were listed on Monday April 16 at Blogpond, with Duncan’s TV Ad Land coming in at number 18, taking into account Duncans TV Alexa global traffic ranking of 127,225.

There are some problems in these systems of course. Blogs hosted on sites such as Blogspot.com and WordPress.com may not be easy to identify in terms of geographical location. Fluctuations in traffic can affect rankings, as would have happened here when the site was offline for ten days in March. Still – I say good on you Craig and Meg. Drawing attention to homegrown blogs is good for the development of Australian identity.

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