Divorce Lawyer Billboard

Corri D. Fetman, of Fetman, Garland & Associates, Chicago, last month launched a billboard campaign for the boutique law firm’s divorce services. The billboard shows scantily clad female and male models with the text, “Life’s Short. Get A Divorce”.

Life's Short Get A Divorce Billboard on Location

Fetman in her press release claimed that the campaign was true to the firm’s nature, aggressive, non-judgmental and strategic, portraying a belief that everyone deserves happiness. “Life’s too short to stay in an unhappy marriage”.

The billboard was erected over Gibson’s Steakhouse in North Rush Street, Chicago, at the epicenter of what locals call the ‘Viagra Triangle’. The location was chosen to appeal to adults who were escaping reality and in play mode.

Life's Short Get A Divorce Billboard

Life's Short Get A Divorce Truck Billboard

The billboard has inevitably drawn mixed responses. Business is up. Commentators have expressed both disgust and admiration. Although the billboard is now down, due to a violation of local bylaws, the campaign is moving to the sides of trucks”.

One couple in Arlington Heights has responded with their own billboard, reading “Life’s short. Your marriage doesn’t have to be.”

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