Diet Coke Films By Australian Directors

Coca Cola in Australia is running an online short film competition in the name of Diet Coke: Diet Coke Films. Twenty finalists from the competition have been chosen and are being featured on weekdays from August 20 to October 13. Winners will be posted on October 19. Directors in the top list are Ali Kadhim, Ben Kumanovski, Brent Williams, Cameron Zayec, Chris Grew, Christopher D’Alessi, Dallas Bland, Graham Gall, John English & Mathew Dickie, Josef Heks, Julian Costanzo, Justin Hazelton, Thady O’Connor & Joe Manning, Kate Renwick, Mark Fantasia, Melanie Perkins, Narika McKenzie, Nick McDougall and Tom Judd.

Diet Coke Films site

Also featured on the Diet Coke Films site is a collection of short films by Australian film directors:

Spontaneous Human Clock, directed by Kriv Stenders (Pod Film)

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Capoeira Girl, directed by Lena Fleming (Utopia Films)

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Bring Back the Dickie, directed by Jonas McQuiggin

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First Light, directed by Husein Alicajic (2ndSight)
Bringing Back The Bounce, directed by Liz Murphy (Taxi Film)
Happy Accident, directed by Paul Andersen
Enjoy, directed by Richard Swan
Wally the Rainbow Serpent, directed by Sam Bryant (Fin Design & Effects)
Top 5 Ways to Have Fun at Work, directed by Steve Baker (Head Pictures)
Switch, directed by Mark Robinson and Tim Dyroff (Resolution Design)


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