Diet Coke on Back Lot

Coca Cola, as part of its newly released ‘Yours, Diet Coke” advertising campaign, launched “Back Lot”, a TV ad first seen during the 2007 Academy Awards. It’s filming time on set but there’s a problem with the lead actress. She needs a Diet Coke before she comes out of her trailer. Unfortunately the production assistant in charge of the Diet Coke has just finished off the last can. He’s delegated by the Assistant Director to head through the studio’s back lot to Stage 29 to get a Diet Coke, a bendy straw and three quarters a cup of ice.

Production Assistant drives through back lot in Diet Coke TV Ad

On the way he gate crashes a Western, narrowly avoids a police chase explosion, and smashes a telephone box in another movie. On arriving at Stage 29 the zombies from Stage 28 drool at the sight of Diet Coke. “May I have one?”

Zombie asks for a Diet Coke in TV Ad

Back to the set. Diffidently the guy bends the straw, knocks on the trailer door and enters. Moments later he re-emerges a stunned man. The lipstick on his cheek tells it all. “Oh great”, says the AD. “I need make up here.” The final frame has the text, “Yours”, with a Diet Coke can.

An alternative two minute version begins with supporting actress asking why she’s always waiting. The PA’s trek through the back lot in this version includes a brush with child actors on the edges of an enchanted forest. When he finally gets to the diva’s trailer he breaks the door handle. “You’re an idiot!”, says the lead’s PA. This time the final frame has the Diet Coke can without the “Yours”. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Yours Diet Coke campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Hal Curtis and Mark Fenske, copywriter Sheena Brady, art director Bill Karow, agency producer Matt Hunnicutt and associate producer Chris Lawson.

Filming was directed by Ivan Zacharias via Stink/Smuggler, with director of photography Jan Velicky, producer Nick Landon and executive producer Brian Carmody.

Editor was Filip Malasek at Robota, Prague.

Visual effects were done at The Mill, London by VFX artist Barnsley and colourist Seamus OKane. Sound was designed at 750mph, London.

Child actors in Enchanted Forest for a Diet Coke TV Ad