Diesel Global Warming Ready

Diesel, the Italian clothing manufacturer, has been raising the heat with a provocative advertising campaign, “Global Warming Ready”, launched at the end of January. A series of newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements shows models posing in Diesel clothing in a world affected by raised water levels and temperatures.

Global warming in Venice
Tropical birds in St Mark’s Square, Venice

Marketing staff see the “Global Warming Ready” campaign as consistent with Diesel’s tradition of generating attention and provoking discussion of serious societal issues with a tongue-in-cheek ironic voice. “Global Warming Ready” portrays the potential look of this new world while representing it in an aesthetically beautiful way. “The shocking effects of Global Warming are not immediately noticeable but are subtly revealed through details in the ads depicting ordinary scenes in a surreal, post-Global Warming world.”

Global warming by the China Wall
Sandy desert overtakes the China Wall

The advertisements feature New York completely submerged in water, St. Mark’s Square in Venice filled with tropical birds rather than pigeons, the Eiffel Tower in Paris surrounded by the jungle, a flooded Rio de Janeiro, a beachy Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Finland, once Nordic, turned into a desert.

Global warming in Paris
Tropical plants growing in Paris

“Global Warming Ready” at first glance appears to be just another fashion advertisement. On second glance the campaign appears to be an arrogant swipe at the concerns of environmentalists. Wealthy people will continue to buy fashionable clothing even in a world affected by climatic disaster. A visit to the web site reveals further ambiguities.

Global warming in Rio

Rio de Janeiro underwater

The print ads are supported online with various consumer materials aimed at engaging with global warming. A tongue-in-cheek video raises issue relating to climate change. A map shows the world’s seaside regions completely under water. Diesel promises to provide a guide for dune buggy tours in Lapland and windsurfing on Fifth Avenue, New York. Diesel encourages customers to buy and watch Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth on DVD.

Global warming in New York
New York City submerged

“Ten things you can do to stop Global Warming” answers the question, “How can I atone (without changing my glamorous lifestyle, of course)? Diesel’s site visitors are encouraged to save the planet by having sex (quietly) to cut down on heating, walking to the shops, turning off lights, insulating homes with recycled denim, never taking a shower, unplugging electric guitar at the wall, giving fashion magazines to grannies, friends or anyone, hanging up towels, planting trees, and eating steak in a restaurant (to make it possible to get rid of the fridge at home).

Global warming in Mt Rushmore
Beach scene at Mt Rushmore

Diesel outlines a partnership with climate change watchdog, www.stopglobalwarming.org, an online grassroots movement designed to bring citizens together to demand solutions to Global Warming. “So a beach party in Mount Rushmore sounds like fun, right? If you don’t agree there is still time to turn the tide. Maybe. Get informed, get in touch and get involved. This is the cause of our lifetime and the fight our generation. It’s not just trendy. Green is the new black. Join the virtual march.”

Global warming in London
London a water playground

Not everyone is impressed however.

Mel Young, at New Consumer, calls for a boycott of Diesel’s clothing line. “Diesel is appealing the worst aspect of human nature – one of greed and selfishness. Perhaps the people who own Diesel might like to watch films of children dying in floods in Bangladesh, where existing floods are being exacerbated by climate change. It might just get them to understand that making ‘funny’ little advertising campaigns out of misery really is beneath contempt.”

Paul Harrison at The Varsity Online is similarly scathing. “It is clear that Diesel is far less concerned with fomenting political activism and lifestyle change than they are with selling their brand. As far as corporate social campaigns go, this attitude is hardly surprising, but Diesel’s campaign is particularly inept, blatantly self-interested, and woefully uninformed.”

Global warming in London
Summer holidays with the penguins in Antarctica


The Diesel In-House team, Wilbert Das, Antonella Viero, Lucinda Spera and Giulia Castellini, worked with photographer Terry Richardson, (Katy Barker Agency) revisiting the collaboration responsible for last year’s controversial angel campaign. All creative was designed by Diesel’s global agency Marcel, France, by executive creative director/copywriter/account supervisor Frederic Temin, creative director/art director Nicholas Chauvin, art director/typographer Romin Favre.

The campaign won a Silver Lion for Print at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2007.

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  • sick ad campaign. this is NOT funny. sad sick pathetic.


  • Cecilie

    I like the concept. I think it’s great that somebody make it into a ‘laugh’, in a world, where everything’s SO serious. And, yes, this is serious, I agree – but still, i like it. The team who made this are not only smart, they also know what’s going on and that’s why they are able to make fun of it.

  • hnvt

    I think the Diesel campaign is super! The ad’s bring the global warming issue to reality for younger generations and also cleverly incorporate fashion. It heightens interest through a modern and attractive approach.

  • Darien

    The ads show the disconnect between media imagination and reality. The sad truth is that nobody will be concerned with fashion if global warming changes the world as pictured, since we’ll be too busy worrying about food security, social unrest, and economic collapse.

    But they are creative.

  • Elizabeth

    This Diesel campaign is absolutely horrific. What kind of message do these fashion companies send about serious disasters taking place in our world right now when they display these huge campaigns that not only misrepresent the truth of global warming but mock it entirely!!? An uneducated person who sees this campaign is now more likely to view global warming as a positive thing, an absolute blessing. It is anything but that. Forget the generations that will follow us, they won’t live to see the world as we do.

  • Mme. Brouillac

    Very nice. I like the high rise jeans. I have a pair from the 80’s. hehe

  • Jennifer

    Mme. Brouillac,
    i love how you’re the only one who focused on the actual fashion.





  • Omar Osorio Cuevas

    Me parece increíble….una campaña que puede reirse de una ficción o una realidad….pero al mismo tiempo está actuando, y conociéndoles puedo asegurar que están igual de preocupados que todo mundo. Me parece un marketing super poderoso pues están en boca de todos, como siempre. Bien, bien por estos cuates que se la saben de todas todas.

    Además de que seguramente están implementando tecnologías de vanguardia para hacer eficientes sus procesos. ¡Quiero unos diesel reciclados ya!….en México dudo que los tengan.


  • delphine

    shame on diesel…making money off the misery of the world. diesel is only helping the naysayers.

  • Jahangir Myer

    Fashion is very very important to some people and that is the reason why Diesel have decided to advertise in this way. Some people won’t even take a look or even think about global warming and by looking at this ad they will notice it. And the people that will look at it are likely to be of those who don’t really care about anything other then them selves. I don’t blame Diesel for advertising like this, they need to bring in attention some how.

  • Judith Dutton

    Salam aliakum bangali manush okhol,
    itha foryo na. itha makhal manushe foroyn. ay bandhir fwa/furi ebo fore ni. sok muzte ni. ay khankir bacha. thor ma baf re fiti lymu. bedishar bedisha ita foros khene.

  • Well Diesel is not blatantly trying to ENCOURAGE global warming or ROMANTICIZING it, rather their advertisements are bringing attention to the fact that it is occurring.

    Yes, they are a fashion house so what do you expect? At least they are taking notice to this occurrence. While other companies such as WALMART and other MASS MARKET clothing companies cause more CO2 gases to be emitted into the atmosphere you blame Diesel?

  • ART or rubish??

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    ( ,’0’)”)V(“(‘O’, )
    (,)(“)(“) (“)(“)(,)

  • n bvn

    face it dump shit earth allready roatten by us…

  • come on people now


    This is … the most… BRILLIANT marketing campaign ive seen. The images are breathtaking, yet stark, vivid and bold, with an evil chill behind it. And who populates the new world? the same arrogant ignorant bastards from the old world who still care as little post climate change as they do today. QUESTION EVERYTHING!

    Oh, you cant get over the fact that there’s a Diesel logo in the bottom corner? Because ive seen plenty a photograph with the ‘artists’ stylization in the corner. The is concept art.

    Besides, Diesel didn’t ruin the environnment. WE did.

  • TP

    Global warming is fake, you people who think this is ‘sick’ are sad little gullible pandas.

    First Global cooling.

    Now Global Warming.

    Next Global Dimming.

    And after that? Bigwig business owners globally laughing their asses off at people who believe this shit.

  • Sarah Goldhill

    I think that Diesel’s ad campaign is very clever!
    It’s creative and a light hearted look at global warming! at least everyone is aware of it!

  • Mr. Haumschild Bio2 class (er,jl,j)

    we were looking stuff up on global warming when we came upon this site. it amazing!!! i’m glad to say we are now looking forwrd to the effects of global warming! thank u so much! i hope i live long enough to see these events occur, im so excited!

  • Mr. Haumschild Bio2 class (er,jl,j,lr)

    and lacey agrees!

  • Seriously

    Mr. Haumschild Bio2 class (er,jl,j,lr):

    I’m sure you are being those “classic facetious teenagers”, however, this is not a joke. Global warming, whether people believe or not, is a serious issue that could, one day, effect all of our lives. Whether it be true, or overexaggerated, no one truly knows what will happen in the future. Although, it is not something to make light of. These Diesel ads are to show young people what COULD happen to our planet and how your children or grandchildren could be effected by it. Think about the possibility that your family might not even be able to survive on this planet for that long? Does that make you excited? Just be realistic and have common courtesy when speaking of something so serious.

  • 3233E

    global warming is false, don’t believe it.

  • Sofie

    I think these commercials are AMAZING! I think it is so cool to make such a serius thing into art! the pictures are beautiful!!! and a really good idea!

  • Leena

    Wow! It is so cool of diesel to prey upon the future generations by popularizing global warming. How can everyone be so blind to the effects of this crisis? Clearly these fashionable couples have found someplace to live, but how about millions that will be out of a home? It is going to be really chill, right? SWEET, I can’t wait for this earth’s beauty and resources to be gone, that way I can just move on to another planet. Oh wait, what other planets have they found so far that we can move to? Let me know soon, because I have to see if the weather appeals to my “global warming ready” wardrobe.

  • Lucia

    I love the ad. Great way to engage, raise awareness and keep it on that “cool” side. Of course it is shocking, but unless there are more companies doing “shock” advertising, investing money and resources into Global Warming – people will keep ignoring the alarming state of this planet. And I love Diesel for this. Of course, on one hand they are profiting themself from it, but it is better than doing nothing at all. It is shame that it didn’t last long enough, and they have this new campaign “human after all”. I wonder if there is a conection between – Global Warming ready – Human after all! What do you think?

  • paris

    i think that the campaigne is reli weird its making global warming look exciting and has not given out the message it was supposed to. its about fashion an this shouldnt be mixed with an event that cud stop the world

  • André

    This campaign is horrible, but it is completely reliable: a caotic climate may happen and only the rich will survive in a very comfortable lifestyle. Sorry, but I will never buy diesel.

  • Eric Butler

    It’s a JOKE, people. No one at Diesel or their ad agency thinks that global warming will be a fun paradise of fashion and musical-chairs-style environment change. They are playing (well) on the important issues in the culture right now, and inserting themselves humorously into the discussion. My congrats to the campaign’s imaginers.

  • anona

    this ad is stupid

  • maria

    This is brilliant!!no matter what anyone says!who cares if they are trying to make money of the ad!any kind of attention is good attention people need to realize that this is now and if you dont belive in global warming go shove a car exhaust up your naive @ss.

  • WOW

    this campaign is brilliant! the people in the pictures act like they dont even care while they are in serious danger they act like we are now!! but we can do something about it we can help the enviroment before it gets as bad as the pictures! these pictures werent just inspiring but hilarious because the people in them are such morons and its just eye catching and perfect to get the word out there because this is something everyone will look at haha.(i didnt even think diesel company would ever do this im surprised)

  • Rachel

    It’s no laughing matter, however this Ad get’s people’s attention no matter how stupid it may be, it’s getting the attention to those who still don’t see this thing coming. I completely agree with Maria’s comment “who cares if they’re making money” off this ad, the point is, people will see it, form an opinion and hopefully start moving along with the rest of us, who see this being a bigger deal! START WATCHING THE HISTORY CHANNEL! Start reading; here’s a great Book I got in Australia ( A country who cares about their future) “The Weather Makers” by Tim Flannery. Then you’ll really wake up.

  • Deanna

    Sometimes people get the message better with ads. I think it’s smart of Diesel to create pictures to show people the end result. I don’t see this company makin fun of the situation. I think it’s immature people would think this company is makin fun of the situation. With any ad, sex sells, and perhaps that’s what we’ll need to send the message of Global Warming. Plus if what they say is true “Diesel encourages customers to buy and watch Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth on DVD.” Then I think they’re trying to send the right signal out.



  • second guess

    everyone needs to help our world instead of destroying for the sake of the future..!!!!

  • wondering

    everyone needs to help our world instead of destroying for the sake of the future..!!!!



  • Tom

    Oh my god!!!
    anyone who thinks these ads are horific is missing the point completely – are you stupid?!?!
    These ads are brilliant! do you really think a company would genuinely glorify global warming (pr suicide!!) or do you think they MAY BE ironic?!
    Diesel are working with http://www.stopglobalwarming.org to fight it, use your brains!
    The idea of the ads is to highlight the issue to the younger generation. The indifference of the models in the ads is to show that those horrible landscapes have become the norm, so they no longer realise or care how horrific they are. they hope we look at them and think ‘i don’t want to be that care free with something this terrible’ and then maybe we’ll get off our asses and buy some energy saving lightbulbs!
    come on people, think!

  • Tom

    And then diesel obviously have the added bonus of some sexy models looking hot in their jeans whilst they put this message across! winners all round.

  • winona

    some nerve! yes global is real and it’s not something to be taken so lightly! when new york is submerged no one will be carelessly laying on roof tops, there will be an out break in diseases and other plagues – think of that before you try to lighten a very serious situation!

  • Conor

    Mate, its hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious, and the concept is pretty much unavoidable by now.

  • sarah

    Who wrote this blog? I’m writing a paper on this and want to cite it!

  • elduende

    Anyone offended by this campaign is way over thinking it. It’s trying to raise awareness, not make light of it. Cool or hip, or whatever, at least it’s trying to do something. A good advertising campaign should cause a stir of some emotion. Apparently it’s working.

  • Paul

    Wow! Global warming is SEXY!!!

  • Đuro Palica (Probušena Glavica)

    u pičku materinu s zatopljenjem, znojim se ko pujcek…

  • yoga

    oh my God.

  • lastnameathan

    the un is making the real money off of making us all feel guilty about the natural occuring process, climate change. although over-industrialization, and deforrestation accelerated the process, paying an emmissions tax will not change what is to come. as much as we would like it to, money cant bail us out of this one the world will soon become a tropice where giant jellyfish and octopus will rule the ocean and rain forrests will thrive.

  • Cedric

    People who say this is promoting Global Warming are just crazy. This ad is making everyone aware of global warming. Look at what it’s already done? Everyone who came to this page and talk about global warming came because of this ad. The ad is SHOWING the effects of global warming. That’s something you almost never see. Usually it’s just people telling you that global warming is bad, and that if we continue there will be climate changes. Thru this ad you realize how big the effects can be. So instead of criticizing it, just be glad Diesel is opening our eyes to the effects of climate change.

  • 90210 is the place

    I love this add campaign. I think it’s very creative and the first fashion add ever to mention global warming.
    It should be regarded as an acknowledgment of what we are doing to our environment, rather as an encouragement to disrespect it!

    well done, diesel!

  • jackie

    I think all the clothes in the ad are the trendiest out there. At first I noticed the shock of global warming in the ad, but the only thing that stuck in my memory was how stylish the clothing was.