Dealing with hoons in Western Australia

The Office of Crime Prevention in the Government of Western Australia is encouraging the reporting of hoon behaviour with a series of print advertisements showing drivers attempting to carry on without their vehicles. In Australia the term ‘hoon’ generally refers to young men or women who drive dangerously. The state government brought in what are known as “Anti-Hoon” laws in 2004 to cut down on young males causing auto accidents by excessive speed and street racing.

Anti Hoon poster

“You take their picture. We’ll take their car. Your photos can now be used as evidence to convict reckless drivers and impound their cars. To find out how you can help make our roads and community safer, visit the Office of Crime Prevention website at or call 131 444.”

Anti Hoon poster

Anti Hoon poster


The Anti-Hoon poster campaign was developed at Marketforce, Perth, by group creative director Andrew Tinning, art director Andrew Chu, copywriter Ryan Albuino and producer Kate Downie, with photographer Allan Myles, and retoucher Madeleine de Pierres.

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