Cycling Australia Vegetable Brains

Cycling Australia has a print campaign using brassicas (cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli) to promote the use of safety helmets. The message is in the eye of the beholder: perhaps warning about the danger of becoming a vegetable, perhaps a reminder about the fragility of the brain. The text: “Always wear an approved safety helmet. Cycling Australia”.

Cauliflower in Cycling Australia print ad

Broccoli in Cycling Australia print ad
Cabbage in Cycling Australia print ad


The Cycling Australia vegetables campaign was developed at DDB, Australia by executive creative director Matt Eastwood, creative director Steve Back, copywriter Charlie Cook, art director Simon Johnson, with photographer Adam Taylor, retoucher Dennis Monk and designer/typographer Jason Young.

“Bicycle accidents on Australian roads have increased dramatically, but what’s more alarming is the severity of head injuries incurred due to the use of inadequate safety helmets. Cycling Australia wanted to promote the importance of using an Australian Standards Approved helmet. The campaign we produced, showing vegetables shaped like brains, presented a pretty convincing argument.”