CWS Say No To Dirt

CWS (Complete Washroom Services) make the connection between clean public bathrooms and clubbing in this humorous TV ad, “Say No To Dirt”. A blonde woman (Delia Sievers) takes time out from an up market dance club to snort cocaine. She’s so confident in the cleanliness of the bathroom that she lays out the stuff on the toilet seat. But she’s forgotten why it’s guaranteed to be clean. Her scream (and the scream of the woman in the next cubicle) reveals the ruthless regime introduced by CWS… The tagline: “Say no to dirt”.

Final frame from Say No To Dirt TV ad

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The spot was developed and produced by Jung von Matt, Hamburg, by creative directors Willy Kaussen and Hans Weishaeupl, copywriter Andre Hennen, art director Kim-Jessica Ney, account supervisor Karoline Huber and Gero Quast, working with CWS marketing team Frank Radinic and Maren Crone.

Filming was shot by director Owen Harris via Film Deluxe, Berlin, with director of photography Sten Mende and producers Glenn Bernsetin, Stephan Pauly.

Editor was Tom Seil. Sound was designed at NHB, Hamburg. Music was composed exclusively for the TV ad by German band TerraNova, signed with Ministry of Sound.

CWS is a company owned by HTS International GmbH.

CWS toilet in Say No To Dirt TV ad

  • Idea Police

    Anyone notice any similarity between this ad and the 1999 short film ‘Temple’ by Australian writer/director Michael Condran? See the 3 minute film online at GoTuit (search for Michael Condran) gotuit site

    On the website of Jung von Matt, the agancy responsible, there is the quote: “Ideas are fresh thoughts that solve problems. thus making the world a better place. That’s why any good idea makes up happy, no matter whose it is”. Obviously it’s their philosophy to pitch ideas to their clients that aren’t theirs. How do you say plagiarism in German?

  • Willy Kaussen

    Could anyone please tell me where i can find this above mentioned short film? I have never heard about it.

    Could anyone please tell me who Felix Mueller is. The guy supposed to be my “old” executive director. Never worked with him at Jung von Matt.

    Who ever posted this entry, you totally forgot the person who came up with the idea. Her name is Kim-Jessica Ney. Kim now works at Jung von Matt in Stuttgart. Just give her a call. Guess she is as curious as me whatever that film Temple is all about.

    And finally:
    Greetings to all the people out there who know so much about Jung von Matt without ever workling there. You make me lough everytime I read such nonsense.

    Cheer up,
    Willy Kaussen

  • Hi Willy. Thanks for the notes on the credits. Have amended accordingly. Click on the image below to play the Temple short film in YouTube. Similar setting yes. But that doesn’t mean plagiarism.


  • Now we know what Russian Whores love to do!