Cravendale Milk Matters Animated

Cravendale Milk is being promoted with a quirky stop-animation set of TV adverts, made in the same vein as the Belgian animated series, Panique Au Village (A Town Called Panic). The TV campaign builds on a concept developed by Belgian animators Pic Pic and Andre (Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier), using their skills to morph the cult films into commercials. Instead of a cowboy, Indian and horse, the commercials feature a cyclist, pirate and cow who will go to any lengths to get their hands on Cravendale milk. The advertising campaign, available online at, builds on the tag line, ‘It’s Not Just Any Milk, It’s Filtered To Make It Purer’.

Panique Au Village characters

Cravendale Milk characters

The Last Glass

The three companions wake up craving milk. They rush to the fridge (with the tag line outlined in fridge magnets) to discover there’s only one glass left. They engage in a game of freeze statues to decide who will drink the milk. In the background the chicken plays a vinyl record of “All Around the World” by Little Richard.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Cravendale Out Of Stock

The wacky trio cruise the supermarket looking for Cravendale Milk. When they see the last bottle being taken by a black sheep, the cow takes the lead. They consult a map to find the closest Cravendale Dairy (convenience store).

Click on the image below to play the video.

Louise Barton, Senior Brand Manager for Cravendale says; “As the country’s largest milk brand, Cravendale is taking a brand new approach this year, taking the fun, kooky personality of the brand to our customers with our new creatives, but firmly establishing our true brand benefit: that Cravendale is filtered to make it purer.”

W+K Managing Director Neil Christie says, “It’s been fantastic fun working with Pic Pic on these ads. By going back to basics and using stop motion animation we were able to give the characters a very homemade and innocent feel that we hope will resonate with consumers. I look forward to hearing people all over the country shout ‘MILK! MILK!’ in a pirate accent as they reach for the Cravendale.”


The Cravendale Milk Matters campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, London, by creative directors Ben Walker and Matt Gooden, art director Frank Ginger, copywriter Sam Heath, and producer Helen Whiteley. See comments on the campaign at W+K London’s blog.

Animation was directed by Pic Pic and Andre via Nexus Productions.

Post production was done at La Parti, who also worked on A Town Called Panic.

Editing and sound design was done at Alea Jacta.

Online editing and grade work was done at Ace Digital (Belgium) and The Mill (London).