Combos Man Mom Campaign

Combos Snacks, the bite-sized food produced by Mars, is at the center of the Man Mom advertising campaign. The short TV advertisements pose scenarios in which a masculine mother is consulted by his/her sons. The answer to every query or confidence is to have some more Combo snacks. The tagline: “Combos – What Your Mom Would Feed You If Your Mom Were A Man.” It’s all online at

Combos Man Mom videos

Grace at Dinner Table

The boys are about to tuck into dinner when Mom interrupts. It’s time for grace. Mom give thanks for the Combos and pleads for Dallas to cover the spread this weekend.

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The son comes into Mom’s bedroom to tell her he thinks he’s got fever. Does Mom tell him to take an analgesic and head off to bed? No. It’s have a Combo. They’ve got pizza stuff in them.

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Heart to Heart

A son comes home to confide in his mom about how hard it is at work. Does she provide a sympathetic listening ear, encouraging him to talk further? No. It’s a question about how they get the cheese in the Combos pretzel.

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Video Game

Mom’s on the couch with the boys, smacking them down on their own video game. The solution to their devastating on-screen loss? Combos. But Mom will not permit it. “These are for winners”.

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The Man Mom campaign was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York by creative directors Gerry Graf, Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone, art director Jeff Anderson, copywriter Isaac Silverglate, and agency producer Lora Schulson.

Filming was directed by Martin Granger via Moxie Pictures, New York with producer Lora Schulson and director of photography Jeff Stonehouse.

The Man Mom campaign was edited by Tom Scherma at Cosmo Street, New York. Transfer was done by Tim Masick, Company 3, Santa Monica.

Sound was designed by Phillip Loeb at Sound Lounge, New York.

Mom is played by E J Carroll. The sons are played by Ryan Homchick and Ryan Woolie.