Coke Video Game Gives A Little Love

Grand Theft Auto, (Rockstar Games) the mean street racing video game, is given a twist by Coca Cola in the ad screened in the Super Bowl XLI, 2007, originally released in cinemas in August 2006. A computer-generated man drives recklessly through Vice City on his way to a local store. He bursts his way through the door, pulls open the fridge door and grabs a coke. But Instead of stealing the coke, the main character pays generously over the counter.

Driver in Coke Videogame TV ad

At this point the music signals a change in pace. “Give a little love” becomes the theme song for this man’s campaign of goodness as he interacts with those he meets. He stops a sports car, pulls the driver out and gives him a coke. He drops money in the guitar case by the street busker sining the theme song. He douses a fire, helps an overloaded armored security guard unload a bag of money, and gives his leather jacket, retrieves and returns a stolen purse.

The ad finishes with a huge street parade. Police cars bump into fire hydrants, releasing fountains. A helicopter flies over a street billboard revealing the super, “The Coke Side of Life”.

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Coke’s Video Game is a twist on the Grand Theft Auto series in which players must flagrantly break the law to win enough points to go to the next level.

Man helps someone into a car in Coke Videogame tv ad


Coke Videogame was developed at advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, by creatives Sheena Brady and Shannon McGlothin with agency producer Niki Polyocan.

Filming was directed by (Alan) Smith & (Adam) Foulkes via Nexus Productions, with executive producer Chris O’Reilly, head of production Julia Parfitt and producer Kara McCombe.

Other Nexus Productions staff:

Head of 3D/Lead Lighting/Modelling: Ben Cowell
Animation Supervisor, 3D FX, Compositing: Reece Millidge
Character Supervisor, Modelling: Darren Price
Modelling, Lighting & Rendering: Will Brand
Vehicle Modelling: Wayne Kresil
Character Modelling: Mattias Bjurstrom
Character Modelling, Lighting & Rendering: Matt Clark
Background Development, Modelling: Adam Willis
Rigging: Luis San Juan Pallaras
Rigging, Animation: Anders Freij
Rigging: Rodi Kaya
3D FX: Ludovik Boden
Lead Texturing: Philippe Gaulier
Texturing: Claudia Torres
Texturing: Joan Cabot
Texturing: Jaime Fernandez
Animation: Stuart Doig
Animation: Ben Crowe
Animation: Antoine Bourruel
Animation: Alberto Lara
Animation: Andres Puente
Crowd Research/Character Rendering: Mike Greenwood
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Jerome Haupert
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Paul Herbert
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Daren Rolmanis
Compositing: Dean Koonjul
Compositing: Dany Sayers
Storyboard Artist & Character Development: Ben Godfrey

HD and Film Grade were done at Midnight Transfer . Film Prints were provided by Cinesite .

Sound was designed at Amber Music with sound consultant Jonny Trunk, executive producer Michelle Curran, producer Carol Dunn, composer Scott Salinas, sound designer Chris Smith.

Audio post was mixed at POP Sound, Santa Monica, by
Peter Rincon with Rob Weiss.

Music – Give A Little Love

The song, by Paul Williams, was originally recorded for the 1976 gangsster film Bugsy Malone.

“You give a little love and all comes back to you
You’re going to be remembered for the things that you say and do.
You give a little love and it all comes back to you
La la la la la la la”