Coca Cola Celebrates African American Timeline

Coca-Cola has launched a new television ad, “Timeline”, featuring a series of milestones in African American history complemented by images which illustrate the progression of the Coca-Cola contour bottle over time.

Coca Cola Bottles in African American Timeline

Chicago 1893 Black doctor performs first successful heart operation
(Dr Daniel Hale Williams at Provident Hospital)
North Pole, 1909, A black man is on top of the world
(Matthew Henson, with Robert E. Peary)
Tuskegee, 1941, Pilots prove heroism has no color
(Pursuit squadron based in Tuskegee, Alabama)
Brooklyn, 1947 Baseball shows us courage, it’s #42
(Jackie Robinson debuted with Brooklyn Dodgers)
Montgomery, 1955 Woman remains seated. And stands for justice
(Rosa Parks arrested for not giving up her seat for a white man)
DC, 1963 A Man inspires a nation to dream together
(Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech)
Coca Cola Celebrates Black History

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“‘Timeline’ pays respect to the many incredible contributions that African Americans have made to culture, science and community,” said Anne Sempowski Ward, assistant vice president, African American Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “This special salute honors the past and inspires optimism for the future, and reminds people that Coca-Cola was there to celebrate these landmark achievements.”

The commercial is just one element in a comprehensive 2007 African-American marketing program which includes sponsorship integration and television, print, cinema and digital advertising.

“Timeline” first aired on Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT during the season’s first episode of American Idol. Alongside ‘Timeline’ Coca-Cola America debuted two ads well known in other parts of the world: “Happiness Factory” and “Video Game“.

The music is a track known as “Blues For Tiny”, recorded by guitarist Smokey Hormel, saxophonist Lee Allen, bassist Larry Taylor from the Hollywood Fats Band, James Cruce, a drummer with JJ Cale. Tiny was the name of Lee Allen’s wife. The track was one of eight recorded in 1994 but as far as I know it hasn’t been released commercially. Maybe this Coca-cola ad will be the impetus needed. See the Billy Davis interview with Smokey Hormel for the background.

  • Bruce

    Does anyone know the song playing during the “Time Line” ad?

  • frank

    I like that song too, Im looking for it too!

  • M

    me three!!

  • Minnie

    Me four….

  • todd

    what is the timeline soundtrack music?

  • angie

    me five!

  • whipdancer

    I’m also looking for the song. Any one have any leads on where to research? Does anyone know the company responsible for the commercial?

  • Milt

    I too have been searching for this song and it’s driving me mad.

    The only lead I have come up with is that the song is named “Tiny” by “Smokey and Lee”, got that off some board.

    Alas, that has been a dead end, can’t find nothing on this group or this song.


  • AL B for sure

    Otis Spann I am told.

  • Kelly

    Has anyone found a for sure lead on this song? I have been looking for it everywhere!!

  • snappy

    I sent a message to coke and this is the response I received:

    “The song is ‘Tiny’, composed by Smokey Hormel featuring Lee Allen on an unreleased project called ‘Let ‘Em Blow’.”

    I can’t find it anywhere on iTunes,, or for purchase. Hopefully it will come out soon.


  • sherri

    ok kids, here is the info so many of you are looking for. The name of the song is called, Tiny” by Smokey Hormel featuring Lee Allen on an unreleased project called, “Let ‘Em Blow”. I have not been able to locate a full version yet, but won’t give up until I do. Hope this helps all.

  • Smokey Hormel and Lee Allen both played in the Blasters. Lee Allen played saxophone from 1981 to 1994, the year he died. Smokey Hormel played guitar from 1987 to 1993 and is still very much alive. He does a lot of work with producer Rick Rubin. I’m waiting to hear back from Coca Cola about credits for this ad – it will be interesting to connect up all the dots when the info comes through.

  • sammi


  • owen

    I have never had this much trouble finding a song. Please if somebody finds it, email it to me, or let me know where to find it. I read somewhere that the song is actually called “Blues for TIny” instead of just “Tiny”.

  • peter

    I’d love to get the info as well. probably the collest piano ive ever heard. if anyone finds out an email would be very much appreciated.

  • Ben

    What Is The Song from coca cola in this year?

  • Scott

    I heard the commercial yesterday again and wanted that song so bad…Messing around in my iTunes library and realized I had a song with an almost identical piano melody. Check out the jazz song “Ahmad’s Blues” by Ahmad Jamal, but plenty of guys have done a version including Miles.

  • Ron Weiler

    That song got my attention right away! I love the loaping lazy feel and the minimal instrumentation used. That is the kind of song that can go anywhere, as an instrumental or with vocals. Thanks for the internet, that a person can search these things out! I sure hope they release this and I hear about it!

    RJ Weiler

  • jin

    in the italian version (I am Italian) I’m not sure there is the same song you have been talking about! It has been driving me really mad since I heard it for the first time, I think in May… Hope it’s the same you heard, so I will be able to download it from somewhere!!!! Aaah it’s the best piano I ever heard,and it looks also quite simple…

  • Jehanzeb Khalid

    70 % of Pakistani cant live with out Cocacola