Chopper Read on Violence Against Women

Today around the world campaigners are focusing public attention on ending violence against women. Violent Australian men in 2006 experienced a tough call from infamous criminal Mark “Chopper” Read in a TV ad that was eventually banned from television broadcast.

Chopper Read

“I’m Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read. A lot of people think I’m a tough guy. I’m not a tough guy but I’ve broken a lot of men who thought they were tough guys. The lowest man in jail is a woman basher and a rapist. If you bashed a woman you’re a weak gutless individual. You come to jail for bashing or raping a woman, you’ll get dealt with. You will suffer. We will break your neck you low gutless weak mice. Be afraid ’cause if you come to jail you’ll have every bloody reason to be afraid.”

The ad finishes with the helpline number and the Schwartz Foundation logo.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

The withdrawal of the Chopper spot was no doubt linked to the hero status Read enjoys among violent men in Australia. Is it appropriate to threaten men with violence (abuse of prisoners) to deter them from abusing women?

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