Cholesterol Is Not To Be Played With

“Don’t Play With Your Health. Check Your Cholesterol. High blood cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart diseases and strokes. There are no symptoms. Testing is the only way to find out. Talk to your doctor.” That’s the message put out by the Portuguese Ministerio da Saude (Ministry of Health) in these two print/outdoor advertisements, Doctor Teddy Bear and Lego.

Doctor Teddy Bear attends heart patient

Heart patient in Lego hospital


“Lego” and “Doctor Teddy Bear” were developed at McCann Portugal by copywriter Fabio Seidl, art director Diogo Mello, creative directors Diogo Anahory, Jose and Carlos Bomtempo, producer Nuno Calado, account manager Ana Pedroso, with photography/illustration by Platinum.

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