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Chevron Corporation is attempting to engage the public in today’s energy issue using an integrated global advertising campaign. The campaign, “Power of Human Energy,” highlighting the steps Chevron is taking to bring more energy supplies to the global marketplace, was launched with the ad “Untapped Energy,” a 2:30 spot on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” Shot in 22 locations in 13 countries over three months, the ads include real Chevron workers as well as actors.

Chevron Energy commercial

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“The energy industry is one of the most complex and vital industries in the world. Yet public opinion is most frequently shaped by the price at the pump,” said Chevron Vice Chairman Peter Robertson. “How we find, produce and use energy are critical issues of our time. We all need to participate in developing and shaping our energy future. Chevron takes on this challenge every day.”

The other global television ads – “The Impossible,” “New Frontiers” and “Renewable Energy” – will air as 60-second spots and 30-second spots, each showing how energy affects all our lives as well as the level of commitment, ingenuity and responsibility Chevron employees practice every day to bring energy supplies to global markets. All four spots will appear on television in the United States and pan-regionally in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East on channels such as CNNI, BBC and Discovery. See them all online at

New Frontiers

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The “Power of Human Energy” campaign is an evolution of Chevron’s “Real Issues” campaign, which launched in July 2005 with a series of print, online, broadcast and outdoor ads as well as a web site that all sought to raise awareness and encourage discussion about the major issues facing the energy industry.

The Web site also features Energyville, an interactive game developed by The Economist Group that examines the economic, environmental and security impacts of our energy choices. Since the launch of Energyville in early September, the game has been played by approximately 160,000 people about 170 countries.


The Chevron campaign was developed at McGarryBowen, New York.

“You’re always looking for a core idea, and the power of human energy was a huge idea for Chevron,” said Gordon Bowen, a founding partner and creative director of McGarryBowen. “We felt strongly that there had to be a message that was not just factual but emotional, that was optimistic about what could be done by human beings.” “We didn’t set out to do a two-minute spot,” Bowen said, “but to see what message we wanted to convey and how best to convey it.”

Filming was shot by director Lance Acord of Park Pictures. The voiceover was provided by actor Campbell Scott. Music was composed by Paul Leonard-Morgan.

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