Chesapeake Club Spring Media Campaign Protects Blue Crabs

This time last year the Chesapeake Club launched its spring media campaign, encouraging residents to save the Blue Crab by using lawn fertilizer properly. The print billboard and TV campaign links environmental stewardship with enjoyment of the bay and its lifestyle, urging people to protect their favorite seafood by putting off lawn fertilizer until the fall. The four billboards each include the logo and a link to the Chesapeake web site.

Is the Grass Greener

“Is the Grass Really Greener if All of the Blue Crabs Are Gone? Spring rains carry excess fertilizer to the bay, where blue crabs are rapidly disappearing.”

Crabcake Population

“Protect the Crabcake population. Hold off on the lawn fertilizer until fall, before there are no genuine Maryland crabcakes.”

No Appetizers

“No Appetizers were injured in the making of this lawn. Excess fertilizers washes to the bay where blue crabs are rapidly disappearing.”

The lunch you saveThe Chesapeake Club is a partnership of people in the Washington metropolitan area working together to keep the Chesapeake Bay fun and full of the seafood they love. They are helping to restore and protect the Bay through simple, practical steps that touch their everyday lives, from how they care for their lawns to how they clean up after their pets to what they plant in their gardens and more.


The Spring Media Campaign was developed at Marketing for Change Inc by project director Peter Mitchell, creative director Dave Clemans and agency producer Terry Stavoe.

Marketing for Change Inc. worked with the State of Virginia, the Chesapeake Bay Program and Academy for Educational Development.

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