Chemical Brothers Do It Again in Morocco

The Chemical Brothers have launched a music video for ‘Do It Again’, featuring Moroccan villagers moving in response to the dance music. A young boy escapes from a tooth extraction. Outside, in the field with the goats, he makes his brother promise never to let ‘them’ take his tooth. At that moment a mysterious cassette tape falls from the sky. A crazy journey evolves as the two brothers put the tape into a boom box, jive to the beat, catching lifts into the city. Everywhere they go, the music on their beat box inspires wild dancing, leading to strange and hilarious movements. Finally, with the help of the music, they find the resources they need (from a bank heist) for a new gold tooth, a car, a goat and supplies.

Chemical Brothers Do It Again music video

Click on the image below to play the video.


The music video was commissioned by Carole Barton Fairbrother at Virgin Records UK.

Filming was directed by Michael Haussman via HSI, London, with executive producer Nicola Doring, line producer Ahmed Abounouom, production coordinator Zahra Oulad Bada, location manager Toufiq Abouobayd, 1st Art Director Tirso Jares, 2nd Art Director Noureddine Aberdine, Director Of Photography Nicola Pecorini. Other members of the team included Camera Assistant Said Lagbouri, Production designer/Art director Aziz Hamichi, Wardrobe Manager Hassan Taghriti, Makeup/Hair Artist Khadija Najahi, Choreographer Kader Koundouno and Casting Agent Hamid Ait Tamaghrit.

The Moroccan village was also used in the movie, Babel.

The Chemical Brothers premiered their new video, “Do It Again,” on internet-based virtual world Second Life.

Lyrics for Do It Again

I’ve seen it pumped electric
I’ve seen it pumped electric
I’ve seen it pumped electric etc.


Oh my God, what have I done?
All I wanted was a little fun
Got a brain like bubble gum
Blowing up my cranium

All insane

Take my face and take my drug
Hold my bone up to the sun
Bang my drum and paint my face
On my plane to hyperspace

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