Chasers War on Billboards

Chasers War on Everything, a satirical TV show in Australia, relaunched its 2007 season in March with an online countdown. To promote the online countdown ( the ABC strategically placed billboards in Iraq, Estonia, Iceland and India. Short films of the billboards in situ were placed on YouTube.

Chaser's Countdown Billboard in Iraq

Alwat Al Rasheed, Baghdad, Iraq

The Chaser Team explains…

“Now that we’ve back in primetime, we’re determined to become totally impossible prima donnas. So we demanded that the ABC get us LOTS OF BILLBOARDS to promote the show. Eddie McGuire gets them. Viagra gets them. So we want ‘em. Big ones. Typically the ABC cried poor. But we insisted. So they got us the cheapest billboards they could find.”

Chaser's Countdown Billboard in Estonia

Magistral Shopping Centre, Sõpruse, Estonia

Chaser's Countdown Billboard in Iceland

Click on the image below to play the video.

Chaser's Countdown Billboard in India

Vasad S.T FTP Bechar Rd, Gujarat, India

Click on the image below to play the video.

See the Chaser Team MySpace site .


The billboard campaign, and its promotion in Australia, was developed by The Glue Society.

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