Carsguide Choice Is Everything, the Australian online second hand and new cars review site, has an advertising campaign promoting the best finds of all time as seen in the choices of Knight Rider, Dr Emmett Brown of Back To The Future, and Mr T of the A Team. Back in the 1980’s, the real heroes of TV were the cars. But where did they find these ingenious machines, each one virtually uncrashable, undentable and uncatchable? This latest print campaign would suggest they found them on

Transam chosen in print ad

Each of the three print ads shows a different guy comparing three similar cars on Even though we can guess which vehicle each one will select, they are clearly spoilt for choice at their moment of decision.

Delorean chosen in print ad

GMC van chosen in print ad


The Carsguide campaign was developed at Cummins and Partners, Melbourne, by creative director James Procter, art director Carolyn Davis, copywriter Matthew Page, photographer Stuart Crossett and retoucher Peter Roberts.