Carlton Dry Like No Other Beer

Carlton Dry, the Australian Fosters beer, is promoted as a stand-out dry beer in a print advertising campaign from George Pattersons Y&R. The Carlton Dry bottle repels water in a fishbowl, water from a tap and from a water pistol.

Water in fishbowl repelled by Carlton Dry beer

Water from tap repelled by Carlton Dry beer

Water from water pistol repelled by Carlton Dry beer


The Carlton Dry Like No Other campaign was developed at George Pattersons Y&R, Melbourne, by creative director James Mcgrath, copywriter Ant Keogh and art director Grant Rutherford. The creative team are currently in the throes of legal fights between private equity company Pacific Equity Partners, (PEP), and WPP‘s Young & Rubicam, over their departure from George Pattersons Y&R at the end of 2006. Photographer was Chris Budgeon.

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