CareerBuilder Age-O-Matic Measures Job Stress has launched a new interactive viral experience, “Age-O-Matic“, allowing people to upload their photographs, age them, and email a comment to their friends about the long-term effect of their work environment.

Duncan's Age O Matic face

Visitors to Age-O-Matic are encouraged to develop a profile by uploading a front-facing photograph of themselves, and answer three questions about their work environment.

Visitors to the site are given a range of options designed to feed dissatisfaction with their current employment environment:

  • If my job were a wrestling move, it’d be The Humiliator, The Dehumanizer, The Big Belittler.
  • If I miss work I’d need a heckuva good story, I’d be missing a leg, I’d be better dead.
  • My boss is a butt, butt head, butt face.
  • My immediate supervisor is a spaz, a moron, the devil.
  • I’d rather eat maggots, sleep with a hippo, get an eyeball tattoo than work
  • If my company was a band, it’d be called 50 Dopes per Floor, Stupid People Talking, Just Waiting to Die.

Age-o-Matic builds on the success of the critically-acclaimed Monk-e-Mail, which has logged more than 83 million plays, over 31 million user sessions and nearly 12 million unique visitors since its launch one year ago. Just as Monk-e-Mail is based on a common expression about work: “I work with a bunch of monkeys,” Age-o-Matic is based on its own expression of dissatisfaction: “This job is going to kill me!”

With we will continue to focus on the theme of job satisfaction”, says Richard Castelline, vice president of Consumer Marketing at “We expect the experience to resonate well as workers re-evaluate and seek out new jobs in the New Year.”


The Age-O-Matic campaign was developed by’s advertising agency, Cramer-Krasselt

“We’ve always known that bad jobs can make us ‘feel’ old, and Age-o-Matic has created an environment where dissatisfied employees can actually ‘see’ how their bad jobs are impacting them,” said Marshall Ross, C-K’s Chief Creative Officer. “This is the sweet spot of viral marketing because the entertainment value is high while still being a highly strategic fit for the CareerBuilder brand.”

According to a nationwide survey of 6,169 workers by, one-in-five workers reported they plan to change jobs in 2007. When evaluating potential employers, workers cited a good work environment as one of the top three factors that are most critical to them.

The speaking face technology on’s Age-O-Matic site is provided by Oddcast. The site’s background pattern is provided by Squidfingers, Travis Beckham in Kansas City.

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