Jesus in MTV Campaign from Heaven

MTV Switch has recruited the services of Heaven to promote its initiative for climate change. The online organisation has released a series of five TV ads featuring Jesus showing viewers how to change attitudes and put in place simple, practical daily actions that reduce carbon emissions. Each ad finishes with the super: “Heaven, the Divine Corporation. A campaign from heaven for the salvation of the earth.”

Jesus holds earth in his hands

Save Yourselves (Salvaos)

Jesus explains how to save 40 to 95 percent of eternity by switching off appliances and mobile phone chargers.

Earth’s Face (Rostro de la Tierra)

Jesus appears in a number of guises, old, young, man, woman. He points out that he is not responsible for the pollution on earth. What to do about it? Take public transport, embrace car pooling, choose alternative fuels. Jesus, as a baby, challenges viewers to prepare the earth for new generations.

Task (Tarea)

Jesus says that before we enter his realm we have a few tasks to do. We have only ten years to turn off the lights we are not using, choose energy saving electrical appliances, start to separate and recycle our garbage. If we don’t hurry up we can forget about heaven being a great place.

Paradise (Paraiso)

Jesus talks about paradise in terms of cherry flowers in Japan, the great whale jumping in the Gulf of California, and the smell of the rain bouncing up off the soil. He’s so enraptured with these visions that he catches himself swearing. The Lord knows, he explains, that if he dies some day that’s the paradise he wants to go to.

Jesus walks over the sea (Caminando sobre el Mar)

Yes – Jesus can walk over the sea, no matter how high it is. But it makes a difference to us. We’re likely to lose our house, work, city, our life. We’re likely to see hundreds of species die. Some day we will walk with Jesus. Just don’t accelerate the curse of things. Jesus leaves the scene on a surf board.


The Heaven on Earth campaign is being rolled out by Lowe Mexico, by executive creative director Humberto Polar, creative director/art director Agustín Esteban, creative director/copywriter Flavio Pantigoso, and agency producer Adrián Guillermo.

Filming was directed by Pablo Gutiérrez via Milagrito Films, Montevideo, with producer Diego Robino, director of photography Josema Ciganda.

Post-production was done at Milamotion, Montevideo, Uruguay, and Heroína, Mexico City. Editor was Christian Fernández at Heroína, Mexico.

Music was commissioned and published by Milagrito Films, Montevideo and Heroína, Mexico City.

Campaign from heaven