Burger King Runs Bobble Bowl to Feed Inner Champion

Burger King, as one of the sponsors of the NFL Super Bowl, has commissioned an interactive web site linked to an in-store promotion, “Feed Your Inner Champion”.

Burger King Bobble Bowl

BK Bobble Bowl Game

You’re the quarterback of your favorite NFL team and you’ll be throwing the football to your receivers. You need to complete at least five passes to move onto the next level. If you complete all of of your passes without any misses you will receive bonus points. The game ends if you don’t complete five passes to your receivers in each round. As the game advances the play becomes more complex. Commentary is provided by Bob Nodsalot.

One BK Football site is aimed at children, linking “Have It Your Way” BK Kids Meals, eight Burger King bobble head toys, and a comparatively easy shockwave-powered game. BK Bobble Bowl is aimed at adults, with an online sweepstake for US residents over the age of 18, providing a trip for two to the Super Bowl XLI in Miami. The sweepstake closed on January 5 and will be drawn today. The version of the game used on this site misses out the first two levels used on the children’s site.

Burger King Super Loyal Fan Toy

The eight Burger King Toys

1. Touchdown King charms his fans with an end-zone dance after a touchdown.
2. Royal Running Back escapes a fearsome defense with some nifty moves
3. Loyal Super Fan has a his foam hand raised in victory – a true sign of royal loyalty
4. Regal receiver catches a pass for a first down
5. Kicking King in the perfect position to score a royal field goal
6. Crown center uses his majestic talent to hike the ball
7. Coach King leads his team to victory
8. Quarterback King drops back to throw a winning pass


The BK Bobble Bowl game was developed at Blockdot, Dallas.

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