Bud Light Hitchhiker Carries Axe

Bud Light is carried by axe-wielding and chainsaw-holding hitchhikers in this year’s Super Bowl TV ad for Anheuser-Busch. In what could be a shot from The Twilight Zone a couple drive through the dusk, the woman reading her map. “What are you doing?”, she asks as he slows down. “Shall we pick him up? He has Bud Light!”, he says. “He has an axe!”, she says. “But he has Bud Light!” “And an axe!” “I’m sure there’s a reason for it…”

Couple looking at Bud Light and Axe-carrying hitchhiker

The hitchhiker appears to have a reason for carrying an axe. But he’s not too sure about picking up the chain-saw-carrying hitchhiker.

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The Bud Light Hitchhiker ad was developed for Anheuser Busch at DDB Chicago, by managing director/creative Paul Tilley, senior vice president/group creative director Mark Gross, creative director Dan Fietsam, art director Laddie Peterson, copywriter Matt Arnold and executive producer Will St. Clair.

Filming was directed by Erich Joiner via Tool of North America, Los Angeles, with director of photography Mark Plummer.

Editor was Heidi Black at Whitehouse Post and Filmworkers Club.

Sound and music were designed at Scandal Music.

Production business manager was Ellen O’Donnell.

  • Anthony Lawson

    You’ve got a potential drink-drive situation, and most everyone seems to think it’s funny. Can’t anyone project a little and imagine what would happen if the driver starts drinking the beer he so obviously craves. Would it be quite so funny if he caused a fatal accident?

    Paul Tilley, Mark Gross, Dan Fietsam, Laddie Peterson, Matt Arnold Will St. Clair should be ashamed of themselves. Impressionable children watch American football. Anneuser-Busch and its agency should be more responsible.

  • Uncle Brian

    Who is the hottie in the ad?

  • Uncle Brian